Raising a loyal son

This post is in collaboration with BritMums and NatWest and we have been compensated. All opinions are my own.

Something Clara and I are really passionate about is family loyalty and fairness. We feel everyone should be treated as equals and feel loyalty is an important quality we wish to nourish and grow in our son. Raising a loyal son is especially important in our family setting, as a child with same sex parents will grow up to be aware that some people may not be so fair and could potentially lack loyalty towards him.

We believe that respect is something that all people deserve and make sure we show respect towards our son as much as we demand respect from him. Teaching our son that even though our family may be different to families others are familiar with, does not mean we deserve any less respect or loyalty. Children are like little sponges and the sooner you instil great values in them the more effective the message you’re trying to teach them is. We’ve already witnessed a lot of loyalty in our little man and have witnessed him become quite protective of our little family. I like to think we’re raising our son to become an incredibly fair and loyal man.


A great company we’ve banked with for years has recently began a campaign called Hello/Goodbye which also understands that loyalty and fairness is important. Natwest recognise that loyalty lies with long term existing customers and are saying goodbye to unfair fees for regular customers and the best interest offers for new customers only. They are now saying Hello to fairer, simpler banking. Which is fantastic as a customer of over 15 years I can now benefit from better offers which make me feel I’m being rewarded for my loyalty.

Natwest recently ran a little experiment that enabled them to produce a fun video showing how people feel when they are firstly treated as a fab new customer then how they feel once the loyalty fades and they are discarded. It shows that we all love a little special treatment, but prefer long term reward over a one of treat.

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  1. Mari Reply

    Little sponges – they are and they take on everything we throw at them. I am sure your little man will grow to be a wonderful adult who will be a pleasure to know

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