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A couple of years ago I discovered a website that offered rewards for running. I collected my points, went to convert them into rewards and was disappointed to discover that UK rewards were rare, unless I wanted to redeem them against an energy bar. Flash forward several years and I’m on a FB running group when someone mentions Bounts (I get points when you sign up via this link) a UK company offering rewards for running, rewards that can be used in the UK. Too good to be true right? Get paid to get fit….WRONG. This site is the real deal.

Bounts rewards

After signing up and following steps to sync my Fitbit I started to accumulate points without even noticing. Not only can you sync various devices and apps, there is also an opportunity to find gyms that support Bounts points too. There are quite a few ways to earn points, you can even earn them by linking up your Twitter account. It didn’t take me long until I was able to convert my points into a reward. A real reward that was useful in the UK! The rewards differ week to week and new ones are always being added, but you are guaranteed to find something fab to convert your points into. I went for an Asda giftcard, which meant I had pretty much got fit to feed the family (I spent it on healthy food too!).

rewards bounts

To mix it up a bit, Bounts also offer reward credits which can be exchanged for the spin of a reward wheel. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a little gamble, especially when it’s free points you are gambling with. I have managed to win quite a few points this way which tops up my overall total nicely. Other ways to earn points are by getting your friends and family members to join up using your referral link, like the one I included above. They get to start earning points and getting fit, while you get a nice little bonus for suggesting the site to them, it’s a win win situation.


Since joining Bounts I have seen an increase in my activity levels as I know that each step I take, takes me towards my goal which allows me to earn points and points really do mean prizes. It’s a really great motivator knowing you can walk your way towards something you really want to buy. I’ve already got my eye set on another giftcard once I’ve topped up my points total.

I’d love to know if you’ve already discovered Bounts, what rewards have you redeemed your points on? Let me know in the comments below and if you’re still not signed up… GO SIGN UP NOW. (referral link)

Thanks to Bounts for suppling me with images for this post.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    I have just signed up, thanks for the tip – this sounds AMAZING! Plus, I love anything for nothing x

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