Weird and wonderful at Ripley’s Believe it or not museum, London

Last month during our family time in London, we were invited to see some weird and wonderful exhibitions at Ripley’s Believe it or not museum. Both C and I had visited Ripley’s before, but our little man was super excited to be making his first visit. Ripley’s is really easy to locate on Piccadilly Circus as it sits several stories high and has a constant stream of visitors feeding into the entrance.

We didn’t have to wait long in the entrance queue, which provided M with some time to check out the very cool transformers in the reception area. I think he would quite like to have one of these in his bedroom.

transformers ripleys

transformer ripleys and M

As soon as you are through the barriers you enter a lift to take you to level 5 where you work your way back down to the ground floor. As soon as the lift doors opened to the first exhibitions M was off exploring and he didn’t stop moving the whole time we were inside Ripley’s.

ripleys tattoo model

There is so much to see and do that we are sure we need several more visits to make sure M really takes it all in. He loved the parts that allowed him to touch the items on display, like the microscopes which showed you tiny models created within a needle eye.

ripleys microscope

Ripley's London

Obama Ripleys

Needle Ripleys

We all had our favourites on the various floors and were pleased to see new additions since we last visited before M arrived in our lives. Even though it was a busy day for tourists, we were able to take our time reading the different display information and discussing what we could see with M.

Michelle Ripleys

Giant chair ripleys

Ripley’s can get a little busy at times, but with plenty to see over the floors, including the rather fab mirror maze we didn’t feel it was over busy. If you’re concerned about buying tickets on busy days you can book your tickets online two weeks in advance and they cost 50% less!

ripleys book

We were kindly provided with our entrance tickets and a fab gift bag of goodies for the purpose of this review.

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