Rising Early

A couple of weeks ago, C and I decided we would alternate taking M to bed and getting up with him when he wakes in the morning. This allows us extra one on one time, but also gives him some consistency too.

Yesterday it was my morning. Just before 7, I took M downstairs and switched on the telly, as a distraction so that I could make him his bottle.

He stood, eyes still full of sleep, consumed by Cbeebies. His little head shook from side to side each time a song was sang, whilst I warmed his bottle.

As I stood in the door way, watching him. I smiled, our little man is an incredibly happy little boy. He loves to sing and dance, is learning new words at lightening speed and fills my heart so much, that I worry it shall explode.

I live for these moments, just the ordinary moments. The moments I see my boy for the person he is becoming.


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  1. Lucy Reply

    Awww, such a lovely moment captured and such a sweet post. Children are just so fascinating and amazing. x

  2. mummydaddyme Reply

    I adore this post. Mainly for the photo, it is just beautiful. Like something out of a magazine. But your words are just as lovely too Kirsty. You old softie. x

  3. Franglaise Mummy Reply

    Gorgeous words. Gorgeous photo. Enjoy. We watched a video of our eldest’s first year yesterday and I was welling up – she’s nearly 7 now and the time just flies, so do enjoy every ordinary moment 🙂

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