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Being a small family unit, all with different food tastes, food waste is something we try our best to avoid. Since we had our little man we’ve tried our best to use all we can in many different meals and then freeze what we can’t use for a later date. Though sometimes this has proved difficult due to room in the freezer. We only have a small freezer and with dishes and boxed items it soon becomes full. Which is why the Foodsaver has become a bit of a life saver, as well as saving food.


The Foodsaver (£74.99) we were sent comes with a 28m x 3.04m heat seal vacuum roll, 94 litre heat seal bags x 5 , 78 litre heat seal bags x 5 an Accessory hose and easy to follow Instructions. The Foodsaver aims to help you keep food fresh up to five times longer, which is fantastic news for a family on a budget. It can help you reduce waste and even help you save room in the freezer.

foodsaver machine

We put the Foodsaver to the test over Christmas with my Mother in Laws cooking. She cooked an amazing Christmas lunch and was able to pre prep all her veg and vacuum seal it, pop it in the fridge and it was all ready on Christmas morning to be opened and placed in the oven. There was no re-jigging of the fridge to try and fit in endless dishes and pans of prepped veg and she even used it to seal her meat in a bag with some herbs and seasoning.

foodsaver contents

It took us a couple of tries to get the machine working as it’s intended. The lid needs a firm push to make sure it engages with the base, but once you’ve got this mastered it’s so easy to use. You can use the bags which are already at a certain size, or use the bigger roll to create your own. One button is used to seal and another is used to seal and create a vacuum. It’s handy that you can seal things without using the vacuum as some of the items we wanted to seal had far too much liquid in them. If you’re sealing something with a small amount of liquid in, there is a handy little tray that catches any spillage.

foodsaver herbs


We could a bit carried away with our new gadget and started sealing lots to make room in the freezer. Being able to freeze herbs was fantastic as it meant we could buy them as they were just being reduced in the supermarket and then pop them straight in the freezer to keep them fresh. We soon ran out of bags, but with a quick search online we located a new roll to order.

foodsaver meat


The Foodsaver has a handy accessory to preserve oils and marinades. We haven’t used this yet, but could see it being useful in the Summer when we start to make more salads and enjoy some BBQs.

This gadget really is a must have if you want to stop food waste and save room in the freezer at the same time.

*We were sent this item for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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