Russell the Dream Sheep dog

If like our little Monkey, your child needs a bedtime buddy to snuggle up to at night to help them sleep, then Russell the Dream Sheep dog will be the perfect companion. Designed to help toddlers from 18 months sleep soundly, Russell has a built in night light and recording devise which can be personalised.

russell the sheep dog

Ever since we moved M to his own bed he usually sleeps a full 12 hours, he loves to sleep and sometimes tells me what he would like to do at bedtime. At a very young age we established a bedtime routine – Bath, Bob (bottle or milk) then Bed. M thrives with routine and it has been a great success. Once M is in bed, he has his favourite cuddly toy and Owl the blanket to keep him company.

kisses for the sheep dog

He is very picky with the cuddly toy he takes to bed, usually its Narna the Monkey, a Build a Bear Workshop teddy we had made last year, so I thought it would take a while to introduce him to Russell. Oh how wrong was I.

As soon as Monkey saw Russell in the box he was jumping around and clapping his hands with excitement, he loves dogs. My mum has a little Chihuahua called Bruno whom he adores, so to have his very own dog was just amazing. It also helped that Russell is purple, which is Monkey’s favourite colour, everything was perfect. As soon as Russell, quickly renamed ‘Dog’, was in M’s arms that’s where he has stayed. Poor Narna has been banished to the end of the bed (although not from the bed altogether) and ‘Dog’ has taken pride of place lying next to him.

russell the sheep dog and owl

When he gets into bed we have to check that everyone is present, so it goes – ‘Got owl, got Dog and Narna there’ and he points to Narna the Monkey sitting at the foot of the bed. Russell/’Dog’ always comes into bed with us in the morning as well, so it’s safe to say he is a big part of his life and here to stay for the considerable future, which is great. Russell is very soft and cuddly and you can’t really feel the night light or the recording function when you hold it, which is excellent.

The Night light function is great, although we haven’t used it very much at home as we have a nightlight which projects stars onto the ceiling in his bedroom which he adores. However when we travel somewhere new it’s reassuring to know we do not have to pack up the nightlight and M will have is favourite teddy to keep him safe and light up the room. It’s quite bright but when we’ve used it M doesn’t seem too bothered by the light and has always fallen asleep with it on.

The recording function is also very good. Recently I returned to work full time so I have recorded a message for him which he can listen to if he wants to hear my voice. I also record songs on it, like ABC’s and Ba Ba Black Sheep and I can sometimes hear him singing along to it. We like to let M settle on his own at night, so it’s great that he has something to listen to whilst he falls asleep. The quality of the recording is excellent and M finds it very easy to turn on by himself. You can even turn it all off at the little switch in Russell’s stomach if you want to. The nightlight stays on for 30 minutes which for us is ample time for M to fall asleep, and the recording plays on a loop around 8 times, which is roughly the same time, depending on the length of recording.

russell the sheep dog toy

Russell the Dream Sheepdog retails at £34.99, which I think is quite reasonable, maybe heading towards the pricey side but considering how much affection our son has for him, it’s worth it. There really isn’t anything bad I can say about Russell the Dream Sheepdog and I highly recommend it to anyone.

*We received this item for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Rebecca U Reply

    I’ve heard such good things about this and Ewan the sheep. Think I need to get the kids one! 🙂

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