Saving time with a Beko Dishwasher

Over the past 11 years when I first moved in with Kirsty I have been pining after a dishwasher. I love to keep our house nice and tidy and it’s a bit of a bug bear of mine to see cups and bowls and plates and cutlery left on the side by the sink, waiting to be cleaned. I also detest washing up, so for me, by not having one in my life, it’s a lose, lose situation, bring out the violins.

Although it may have been a simple solution to just go out and buy one, one might think to themselves, but Kirsty and I have never really had a place where we have truly called home, having moved 10 times in the past 10 years, so it’s never seemed like a sensible idea.

Until two weeks ago that is when we finally welcomed our amazing Beko Fast Function DFN16420 Dishwasher into our lovely new home.

Beko Dishwasher Easy to Use

Life is sweet.

So here it is everyone, my much anticipated review of the Beko Fast Function DFN16420 Dishwasher –


Kirsty and I have never installed a dishwasher before in our lives but wanted to show our little man that anything is possible, if you just put your mind to it!
The first step was to secure a foam strip along the base of the dishwasher, which was very easy to do. We simply tipped the dishwasher backwards and ran the foam along all 4 sides. It stuck very easily with an adhesive strip. We then tipped it back up and slowly pushed the Dishwasher into place so we could install it. A little excess water did come out onto the floor at this point but this is left over from its pre-test to ensure the appliance is in fully working order before sale.

To install a dishwasher you need 3 simple things –
A power supply
Water Supply/Tap
Waste Pipe

These should all be located under your sink.

When we pulled out the cupboard we found a power supply just behind it, which really made things easy for us, but the cable is quite long if you needed to thread it through the worktop or behind a cabinet. The great thing about this dishwasher is that it only requires a cold water supply, which luckily we have two of and the pipe was attached and secured within a matter of seconds, same goes with the waste. Once we attached a new splitter from a DIY shop, Kirsty had managed to install all three pipes and cables within no more than 10/15 minutes and I am very proud to announce that we have had 0 leaks in the two weeks we have been using it for!

Opening Beko Dishwasher

Set-up –

The set-up was just as easy. Firstly we had to measure the water hardness level by using the little strip, which is provided with the instruction manual, which you hold in a jug of water and wait until the coloured squares stop appearing. This takes around 3-4 minutes. You then set the dishwasher to the required water level by pressing and holding P on the LED Display. This only took me a few moments and was very easy.

Filling Beko Dishwasher

Next was to add the salt, again this was very easy and the instructions clearly showed where to find the cap in the bottom. I would advise you to purchase a funnel of sorts to help you do this.

All that was left to do was to put the dishwasher on an empty half load to ensure it was clean prior to loading the dirty glasses and plates etc. . . Choosing a wash function is very easy, you simply press P until you reach the desired function and press start. I’m still amazed by how easy it is to use, it’s an absolute delight!

Dishwasher rack Beko

Beko dishwasher Eat like a Pro

Height: 850mm
Width: 598mm
Depth: 600mm

Please always measure the space before making a purchase but ours fits like an absolute dream!

Removable Cutlery Basket – Very spacious. Doesn’t get clogged up with food during the clean. Easy to move around the bottom to fit everything inside and slides along the rows/racks.

LED Display – I find this easy to read and easy to use. I think it has been very well designed.

6 Different Wash Programmes – My favourite two features are:
Auto Programme – This only uses the correct amount of water and energy that this actually required for each load, which means it saves money in the long term. I find this quite impressive.
Half Load – This is great for those days when you’ve been at work all day and you just want something quick to eat for dinner, meaning you have less to wash. We don’t have to worry about wasting water or energy on a long wash for only a new cups and plates.

Dishwasher Beko Programme

Pro Smart Inverter Motor – Now I can’t tell you exactly what this is but they say it makes the dishwasher quieter and we both remarked on the first proper load how quiet the appliance was, which is fantastic. We put it on before we go to bed and we cannot hear it upstairs at all.

Overall Thoughts –

I am honestly so pleased with the Beko Fast Function DFN16420 Dishwasher. Each day I unload the clean dishes I inspect each one for the purposes of this review and I am yet to find an item which requires washing again, the performance is exceptional even on the half load.

I love to cook freshly made meals for the family and at first was a little dubious about putting my good pots and pans in, firstly because of the space and secondly because I thought it may damage them. I took the risk and was amazed by the capacity, I cooked a big Mexican dinner one of the evenings, which meant I used copious amount of spices and tomato based products and pots and pans, everything fit in and everything cleaned like a dream. Absolutely spotless! It also hasn’t affected my pans either. I am so happy and cannot believe how much free time I now have at the end of the day.

The dishwasher also looks very neat and tidy and doesn’t feel out of place in our kitchen.

The energy rating for this appliance is A++ which is fantastic. I won’t know how this has affected our energy bills having only had it for 2 weeks but I will update you when we find out.

Everything just seems way too easy but I suppose that is what you are looking for when you buy an appliance like this – ease of use and quality performance.
You can purchase the Beko Fast Function DFN16420 Dishwasher at, Littlewoods and Very and currently retails at £247, which I think is very reasonable.

We were sent this Dishwasher in return for our honest review.

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