Scooting round town for Team Honk

Yesterday we spent the day scooting around town in spotty onesies. It was incredibly fun and we got some funny looks, but it was all in aid of a great cause – Sport relief. Check out our post about the Team Honk Relay coming to Dorset for more information.

The baton was passed to us outside Tesco in our local town. The awesome Sonya and Lynn rocked up in fab pink wigs and passed the ribboned baton and slightly soggy and squished Lands End to John O Groats sign. I really hope the sign makes it all the way to the finish line!

Team Honk Relay Baton pass

We then hopped on our fab Micro Scooter, which was very kindly provided to help us complete our leg. The scooter got us round town pretty quickly, so we decided to visit our local skate park to pull off some tricks with the baton. I use tricks lightly, I managed to scoot down a few ramps and attempted a grind. But I didn’t want to show up the rest of the Team Honkers who are taking to scooters over the next few weeks. Our little man got in on the scooting action and showed us he is a natural pro, I think it’s time to get him his own scooter. He will be challenging me to tricks in now time.

Micro Scooter on the Team Honk Relay

scooter tricks during team honk relay

mad scooting on team honk relay

After scooting back to our car, we sped off to Badbury Rings whilst enjoying a mini car picnic. Once at Badbury rings we realised we would have to swap canvas trainers for full on walking boots as the rain had created a mass muddy swamp surrounding the rings. The wind picked up and we battled on, we were incredibly proud of our little man for climbing all the way to the top of the rings and back without assistance.

Team Honk Baton in the wind

grandparents assist team honk relay

M’s Nanna and Grandpa came along to offer support for our section of the relay. Once at the top of Badbury Rings my dad suggested we find a nearby geocache. So off we went through mud and trees to locate the cache. So we can proudly say it’s probably the first baton to ever find a geocache.

Geocaching during team honk relay

Flying the baton at Badbury Rings

Team Honk Baton at Badbury Rings

Climbing badbury rings for team honk

Not wanting to pass up a muddy puddle splashing session, our little man made sure he gave the puddles on top of Badbury Rings a jolly good splash. This did require a change of clothes, but we always come prepared!

Splashing in muddy puddles

Team Honk baton at the top of Badbury Rings

After making it back to the car and warming up, we heading on to Wimborne to pass the baton to Joanne. We were met at Wimborne Minster by Joanne and her family, where we said goodbye to the baton and wished Joanne good luck on her 7 mile cycle. Joanne hands the baton to Kara today for a tour of Bournemouth and Poole. There is still time to donate to Team Honk help our team reach our £500 target.

Team Honky Baton in Wimborne

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  1. Super Busy Mum Reply

    Love this post you guys {including your little man} and everyone else involved are doing such a fabulous job! If only the baton came to Belfast! I’d TeamHonk it all over the city! haha! Good luck raising your target!! x

  2. MummyBarrow Reply

    I love so many elements of this. The scooting and the ramps is just hilarious. Your nanna and grandpa coming along too. You three having a lovely family day out. The fact the sign post is still in tact.

    It just makes me go all goosebumpy to look at your pics.

  3. pippa @storyofmum Reply

    I can’t believe the signpost is still going! I just showed these pics to my kids (who were the final design assessors of said sign…!) and they were thrilled too 🙂 It looks like an amazing day – and spotting a rare furry geocache too, what a result! Well done all x

  4. Kara Reply

    Love your photos. I didn’t realise how much scooting hurt your legs so good going!

  5. mummydaddyme Reply

    This is absolutely wonderful ladies, the photos, the outfits, the reason behind it. The family pics. Just lovely and well done! x

  6. More Than Words Reply

    I loved seeing all your pictures and videos of this event! It looked like you all had a blast. 🙂

  7. Annie, Fable & Folk Reply

    Brilliant! *claps hands excitedly* Such fabulous shots – and also is that a career in pro-scootering I can spy on the horizon? 😉

    Thanks so much for supporting ladies x

  8. Jennypaulin Reply

    wow what a great Team Honk effort you put in! i love your onesies and the scooting at the skate park made me smile 🙂 I never knew you both lived in Dorset! I thought you lived in London for some reason!! And i am so pleased to see that the cardboard sign post is still going !!! well done again some lovely photos too x x

  9. Katie R Reply

    AWESOME! Love the video. Those are some sweet moves. And I love the shot of the baton in all it’s glory.

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