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From the age of 6 I entered the girl guides community as a Rainbow and worked my way through Brownies, Guides and assisted my mum as a Rainbow leader. They were the best years in my childhood memories. I learned about teamwork, building fires, putting up canvas tents and working towards a goal. Throughout my time as a Girl Guide I had a strong desire to be a Scout, but at the time girls were not widely accepted into the Scouts right up until ten years ago.

Girl guides

But one thing I knew was one day I would love to become a Scout leader and help young people learn the things that gave me some pretty ace memories as a child.
Flash forward to 2017 and my very awesome wife put me in contact with a Scout leader she knew, and I have become the newest Beaver Scout Leader in my local town.

I have a great desire to be the best leader I can be and give my Beavers the skills they need to start their journey through the Scouts community. I have been planning and researching ever since I got my necker and badge.


One of the things I stumbled across whilst researching was how much Scouting needs you and yes you, adults, people with time to volunteer to help their local Beaver colony, Cub pack or Scout Troop. Despite there being the highest level on numbers of volunteers, the waiting list for Scouts is growing to a record number of 51,0000 young people that are unable to join as there is a lack of leaders and parent helpers.

It is really easy to get involved if you have a few hours a week to spare. It is so rewarding making a difference in young people’s lives and is a great way to pass on skills you have.

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  1. Colette B Reply

    Oh I bet you’re the best leader!
    Ben is at Beavers now and will move onto Cubs this summer, just as his sister joins Beavers too!

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