We scrub up well

This month has been a very busy month. We have been waiting to hear if we are going to move next month, sadly attending a funeral and enjoying the company of other bloggers at the Mad Blog Awards.

We were very lucky to be invited out to lunch this weekend, with my parents and grandparents. M was such a good boy during dinner and then amazed us afterwards, by climbing up the slide without any fear.

We’ve been trying to make sure we capture our time we spend as a family. So snapped this picture, just as we were leaving the restaurant.


 Because we didn’t get to take our little man to the Mad Blog Awards, we decided to get dressed up and capture some family time looking smart.

It was so much fun taking these pictures. M was not playing ball at all. He wasn’t sure why we had dressed up all smart, an hour before bed. It was really lovely to get a picture we can look back on and smile, knowing what happened to get the picture. Lots of shaking of keys, bribing with a phone was involved.

Family shot

 I think we scrub up well, M looks adorable and my wife is simply stunning. It would be great if next year’s photo was just as smart.



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  1. Lucy Reply

    Ahhhhh, love these. It’s so cute you got M in on the dressing up action from the Mads. And that photo of you after your meal out is so lovely and relaxed.
    I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying joining in with this linky so much. I really wasn’t sure anyone would want to join in (or keep it up even if they did!) and I so love looking at everyone’s family photos each month. Especially those with really little kids who it practically feels like you can see growing over the months. x

  2. Lauren Reply

    These are fabulous. You certainly do all scrub up well.

    I love that you dressed up again in your Mads outfits so you had a photo with M. That’s so special. He looks so cute in a shirt! xx

  3. Cariemay Reply

    Gorgeous photos, and that dress is amazing! The casual ones are so happy too, a perfect way to remember a lovely afternoon!

  4. Capture by Lucy Reply

    Wow wee!!! I am so glad you got dressed up again, that is my absolute favourite photo of you all!!! One for the wall! xx

  5. mummydaddyme Reply

    Oh you all look amazing, you have had a ‘posh’ month of nice outfits haven’t you. M’s little shirt is just gorgeous. And you both scrub well too! 😉 C looks beautiful. And the casual ones are just as nice. x

  6. Tas D Reply

    M looks so cute in that shirt and you both look really lovely too. Love the dress plus red sneakers!

  7. Chloë Bridge Reply

    Ahh these are so fun! And look at M in his little shirt, so gorgeous!

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