Second chance

Being a parent is like someone handed you a second chance at your childhood. Your house suddenly fills with toys you always wanted to own, your cupboards are full of foods you loved eating as a child and playgrounds become a great source of fun once again.

But the best thing is, you get to experience this childhood with the most adorable, fun and crazy as can be little person/people.

Second chance - spin

Second chance - climb

I’ve never really needed an excuse to climb a cargo net at the park or whiz down the giant swirling slide, but at least now I don’t get strange side glances or whispered comments from strangers. I can spend as long as I like chasing after M, around the park until we are both rosy cheeked.

Second chance - Slide

Second Chance - Big Kid

I also love how much excitement M displays when we join in with his fun. He giggles as C tosses her shows aside and runs barefooted up the slide. We hear full belly laughs from him when I try to fit my bottom in a baby swing adjacent to his.

Second Chance - sand

Nothing makes you feel younger, than trying to see the world through your children’s eyes. Give it a go, the world is full of adventure at every step.

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  1. Nicky @ Awesomeville Reply

    So very true. So often I feel like I’m a kid playing house and one day the cat will be out of the bag and everyone will know I haven’t a clue how to be an adult. So getting to return to childhood, and having the authority and means to do it exact how you want, is one of the magical benefits of parenthood.

    I wrote a similar post to my daughter, I hope you’ll check it out!

  2. Coombemill Reply

    I love that first sentence, I had never thought of kids like that but you are quite right. Lovely photos and good on you getting on down at his level. Thanks for linking up, I love the play equipment in the sand.

  3. Carie Reply

    I do love being able to share the things I loved or really longed for – Kitty has had a few goes on those little choochoo train rides simply because I remember the longing for a turn from my childhood

  4. Pinkoddy Reply

    What a deliciously gorgeous post. You are right. And just reading the post filled my heart with so much love and happiness.

    Beautiful photography too.

  5. jenny paulin Reply

    i could not agree more with you! i love seeing the world through the eyes of my two – it is an honour to do so actually. it makes you step back and appreciate things in a whole new way and with a differnt perspective.
    what a beautiful post full of love and lovely photos x x

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