A selfie summer

This summer has blessed us with so many glorious sunny days, that almost all our evenings are being spent on the beach or down the park. We’ve started to refer to this summer as the selfie summer, as I try to document our time together with a quick snap wherever we are. I’m quite good at getting my big camera out to snap memories of M. But when it comes to Clara and I, I’m quite content with a mobile picture.

This month has been packed full of prep for Camp Bestival, birthday present buying and days out. July sees our little man turn two and kicks off the countdown to C’s birthday in August. We’re doing our best to make sure we spend time as a couple and enjoyed an evening swimming together whilst the mother in law kindly watched M.  At the start of the month we both quit fizzy pop for a year and agreed that  we need to spend less time on our phones and tablets and more time reading together. I always enjoy it when we make an effort to make changes together. It’s nice to have someone to support you and know that you’re going through the same fizzy pop withdrawal.



This months photo was a summer selfie taken on an evening trip to Weymouth. We enjoyed fish and chips on the beach, laughed whilst M scared away sea gulls and spent all our pennies in the arcades. All our selfies are making me realise I need a new work cap, as I hate the sight of it, but it’s a better view than my bed head hair underneath. C looks as stunning as always, I’m always so thankful that I married my soulmate. She makes me so happy and I love how these montly Me and You posts help reinforce my love in pictures.

Please do got check out the rest of the Me and You team and wish Fritha congratulations on her recent engagement. Lucy, Becky and Fritha.

dear beautiful

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  1. LauraCYMFT Reply

    That’s a great selfie. You both look really happy and relaxed. Good luck on giving up the fizzy juice. I used to drink 3 cans of regular cola in a day and now I can’t stand the stuff.

  2. mummydaddyme Reply

    A selfie summer sounds good to me! I’m with you on the spending less time on your phones, I am trying to do it too, but there is no way I could give up the good stuff. 😉 x

  3. Potty Mouthed Mum Reply

    Lovely pic of you both! I definitely need to learn to put the phone down more, starting to get cross with myself a bit x

  4. Lauren Reply

    Awwww that’s lovely. Reading together sounds great, we used to do this before babies and then got out of the habit x

  5. Louise George Reply

    Lovely photos – very relaxed and happy – how nice to be able to enjoy the sunshine together on the beach. Hope your little man has a lovely birthday.

  6. Donna Wishart Reply

    Gorgeous photo as always. Loving how you’re making changes together – I’m not sure I could give up fizzy pop, I’m a bit addicted to Pepsi Max! x

  7. fritha strickland Reply

    you two are such a lovely couple, I always get the sense of such happiness when I see your pics. I love that you got to share some chips on the beach together, haven’t done that in years and it really makes me want to take a seaside date with Tom! Thanks for the congrats too 🙂 x

  8. Stephanie Reply

    I love the beach, beach selfies are even better! I agree it is a great way of documenting the places you go and the memories you have.

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