Settling in

Those who are regular readers of our blog may have noticed we recently moved. My in laws sold their house and were kind enough to allow us to move with them, until we save our a place of our own. Not only did M get his first ever bedroom to himself, we also were lucky enough to have space for a toy/living room.

We managed to fit in most of our home furnishings from our previous loft room but weren’t able to fix our blind up. But luckily we’ve found a great range of curtains from TJ Hughes online, so we’ve been able to find a pair which match the decor of our room.


We’ve tried to create a nice area accessible by Monkey, so that he can sit on his bean bag and play with his toys but also kept an area where C and I can sit an relax at the end of the day.


We have a large Billy bookcase from Ikea that houses our films, Xbox games and M’s toys. We’ve placed M’s toys on the bottom two shelves so that he can reach them easily.


lower toys

Monkey has already accumulated a lot of toys in the first 15 months of his life. To keep them tidy my mother in law kindly loaned us two weave baskets from Laura Ashley.



the claw

Even more toys are housed in a giant toy box M has inherited from his Uncle. I love this toybox, it’s only downfall is it’s ability to slan shut on little fingers. So when it’s in use we pop a door jam protector, so that if it does shut it can’t close fully.

On a recent trip to Ikea we fell in love with our newest addition to our room, because cushions are a great finishing touch.


Even though our room is only temporary, we both really love it as it feels like our space and M enjoys it too.



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  1. Lucy Reply

    It looks great. I think when you have a room that had to serve a few purposes you have to get creative about you use the space. Looks like you’ve done that really nicely. x

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