Sharing Happiness

Clara and I have noticed that since we became parents we have become more aware of our happiness. We love to talk about things which have happened during the day which have made us happy.

Sadly the world can be quite negative. Happy news doesn’t sell as well as negative news. People seem to share their gripes more than things which have made them smile and all this can have a huge effect on the energy which surrounds you.

We are both strong believers that energy you put out into the universe is returned back to you. So the more you can focus on the positive in your life, the more positivity you shall receive.

2014 is a big year for Clara and I. We are working on changes in our lives and trying to focus more on things we are thankful for and the happiness in our lives

Which is why we are starting a new Linky called “Sharing happiness”

On the 28th of each month we will be sharing a post about things which have made us happy. It may be images, a quote or an event. We would love you all to join in and link up things which have made you happy.

You can link up an image from Instagram, a blog post or a vlog. Just as long as you’re sharing the happiness.

We also have a grab badge we’d love you to share.

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  1. Earthmother Reply

    What a lovely idea. My 3 year son and I talk about our favorite parts of the day every night before he goes to sleep. He loves it. Can’t wait to join in with the Linky. Great idea.

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