Shining Star

Just over two weeks ago a lovely blogger’s shining star went to shine brightly in the sky. I’ve thought of this lovely family almost every day. We’d never met, but I’d read her blog since we started blogging. I’ve written a short poem for Matilda Mae.

Tonight whilst I was walking, the stars they shone so bright
I could tell there was an angel shining, on this starry night

I looked up and I thought, of all the tears that i have shed
I think about you all the time, all though we never met.

I read your mummy’s words from the moment you were born
I’ve read about the things you liked the things you’ve done and worn

From the moment that I heard you were an angel in the sky
I simply couldn’t believe it, I just held my wife and cried

I’ve tried explaining to many people how even though we’d never met
Your story has had such an impact but this they do not get

I guess those of us who lives have been touched by your shining light
Will have a different view than others when we gaze up late at night

Shining Star -


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  1. Aida Reply

    I have been trying to write a post for baby Tilda. I type and delete cry and type again. I then pick up little Harry give him o loads of cuddles, tickle his belly and try to write again. It just cannot be. Now I’m not too worried as it seems you wrote down everything I have been feeling and thinking.

  2. Sarah Reply

    That is so lovely & so true. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.
    Hugs to you both & little monkey xxx
    Sarah Greaves xxxx

  3. Lisa @ hollybobbs Reply

    Lovely post, it’s such a sad awful thing to happen, I’ve not stopped thinking about them since I heard x

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