Shoot your story with GoPro

One of the benefits of visiting the GoPro Mountain games was the opportunity to take part in a session which encouraged the press at the event to learn how to “shoot your story with GoPro”. Owning a GoPro is fun and is something we have used many many times over the last two years, but it was great to learn new information and really discover the best way to capture an adventure.

I left the session feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to make the most of the amazing tech packed inside a GoPro. There are so few limits to what you can capture and it’s great if you can learn to shoot your story well if you want to edit your adventure for upload to YouTube or Vimeo. As a blogger I wanted to share some of the highlights from the session to encourage you to go out and shoot your story with a GoPro. Just don’t forget to come back and leave me a link to your adventure.

Shoot your story with gopro

There are over 150 different combinations of settings on a GoPro Hero 4. You can adjust the aspect your footage is filmed in, frames per second you capture and even adjust the resolution to allow you to capture crisp clear images. There are also burst modes, time lapse modes and night modes to encourage you to get outdoors and enjoying adventures.

When considering what frame rate to set your camera to capture the best footage, it is always best to consider what you will be filming that day.

A high frame rate is better for Bright conditions, fast action and yields better slow motion shots. A low frame rate is more suited for darker lit areas indoors, filming outdoors at night, slow to moderate action shots or to give your footage a cinematic feel.

shooting with gopro

Here are some suggested mounts to help you capture your story. They are all mounts we have used and enjoy using. Some GoPro mounts are better at capturing your view of the action, where some mounts are better at capturing the location and reactions to the adventure.

Mounts for Point of view (POV) footage

Head mount
Seeker Backpack chest mount
Seeker Backpack strap mount
Seeker Backpack over shoulder mount
The Strap
Handlebar Mount
3 Way (can also be used to capture your surroundings)

Mounts to capture surroundings or allow you to capture a your story from new angles

Goose neck with Jaws Clamp
The Handler
Suction cup

When preparing to shoot your story with GoPro it is best to keep three things in mind; Establishing shots, action shots and finally concluding your adventure.

Establishing shots could be wide static shots of your surroundings, shots of you preparing for your adventure (packing up the car or prepping your gear), close ups and capturing your journey to the site of your adventure are also great ways to start your story.

Shooting GoPro

Action shots are where you POV mounts are most useful. Consider how you view your action and where the camera would capture the best action from. Do you want a view of exactly how you experience the action? or do you want to capture the action from a new angle you’ve not seen before. Make sure you capture the action from different view points throughout your adventure. One long shot from a chest mount could get tiresome to watch, try and vary the footage so you can really amp up the adventure in your final edit.

To conclude your adventure it could be interesting to keep the cameras rolling after all the fun is complete. Capture discussions about your day or how you feel the action was. POV or other mounts can be used to capture this.

Now all that is left is to go find your adventure and capture it. Play with different mounts, capture new angles and see how you can find exciting ways to shoot your story with GoPro.

Massive thanks to GoPro for providing us with lots of awesome tips and tricks to share with you.

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  1. thirtysomethingbelle Reply

    Adam and I have just bought our first Go Pro to document out trip – and wedding elopement – to NYC soon. Being a technophobe, I have no idea what it’s really capable of so this post is extremely helpful, thank you! Lisa x

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