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Clara and I are both fans of shopping online. With us both working full time, our shopping days are rare, so the opportunity to pop online and purchase gifts is great for us. Another thing we love to do is support charities that mean a lot to us, so when we were introduced to Care2Save a site that allows you to shop and donate to your favourite charity just by spending, we were impressed.

Care2Save is a registered charity who aim to support the development and growth of supportive, palliative and hospice care locally, nationally throughout the UK, and globally.

Care2Save couldn’t be easier to use! You simply register, pick your chosen charity and start shopping. Each purchase you make via the Care2Save website generates a commission with 80% being passed on to your chosen charity and 20% of the commission goes to Care2Save Charitable Trust, who use it to support hospice and palliative care in the UK and around the world. This is all taken out of your hands, so you can just concentrate on spending, knowing you are also supporting your chosen charity.

Clara and I chose Stroke Association to be our chosen charity as it’s something very close to our hearts. We both lost people we love last year whom had been affected by strokes. So to be able to help raise money to work towards conquering strokes means a lot. After registering we had a scroll through the shops and was pleased to discover lots of shops we regularly visited, on the site. With a few clicks and our choices made, it was almost exactly the same as our usual shopping experience, we just had to remember to log in to Care2Save before spending.

Spend and donate

The process couldn’t be simpler. Bookmark the Care2Save site, use it when you are ordering all your Christmas shopping and feel great that not only have you got all your shopping ordered, you’ve just done something awesome by donating to charity.

We received some funds to purchase items through the Care2Save website.

Photo credit – Jeff

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