Skating in the Square, Dorchester – 2017

Ever since I was a child I held the view that ice skating at Christmas is possibly one of the most Christmassy things you can do. I think it comes from memories of so many Christmas films where people smoothly skate across rinks in their hats and scarves.

When Clara was pregnant we went to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland where I spent about ten minutes edging round the side of an ice rink wondering why I thought it was a good idea. But it was something I still saw as a special memory, so looked forward to the day that Clara got to take M onto the ice.

After visiting our friends from West Country Mum for some dinner we took the boys round to see the Skating in the Square ice rink. “Can we skate Mama?” M asked and in the spirit of Christmas and wanting to be one of those cool spontaneous parents I said yes, “as long as Mummy takes you on”.

Mummy and M ice skating

Ice Skating dude

Twenty minutes later I was watching M take to the artificial ice rink in amazement at how he took it all in his stride quite literally. There were a couple of rather epic tumbles, one of them followed a comedy spin and struggle to stay up right moment, but aside from that M looked as though he’d ice skated before. In fact Clara found it hard to keep up with him at times as he raced off across the ice. It was great watching from the side. I got to enjoy the moment without worrying I was going to fall and smack my head or back on the ice (I am terrible at ice skating).

Skating in the square snow

Rink Ice skating

Mama and M smiles

Big smiles skating in the square

Skating friends

You get quite a generous 45 minutes on the ice with Skating in the Square, which M complained wasn’t long enough (kids eh!) and Clara agreed was the perfect time to get your ice skating kicks. Our friends little boy is a total pro when it comes to ice skating as they’ve been taking him for years now, so it was great to watch his confidence on the ice with mini jumps and spins.

Skating team

friends ice skating

I definitely think we’ve started a new tradition with M and will be taking him ice skating again soon. I might even be convinced to get on the ice with him.

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  1. Colette Reply

    We love skating at Christmas – it has become a tradition over recent years and the kids are getting pretty confident now though it takes me a while to get used to it again each time.

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