Skwibble, the ultimate digital memory book

As bloggers it’s obvious we love to record the milestones and memories of our little man’s childhood. We’ve never been great at printing off pictures for albums or filling in his baby book, so when we discovered the Skwibble app it seemed like the perfect place to store and share memories with friends and family outside of the blog.

profile Skwibble

Skwibble allows you to record those funny memories, special celebrations and the many milestones your child reaches securely and safely. We take so many pictures and don’t always like adding too many to our various social media sites, so it is a perfect place to add them to share with specific family members. You can add photos of your child to your journal to easily see the changes in them as they grow. Plus once you’ve added enough content, you can turn your lovely┬ámemories into a lovely personalised Story book.

Skwibble add child

Skwibble app profile

If you’re wanting to add family and friends to your digital memory book you can create “playpens” for them to interact and share in your memories. It’s a great way to keep in touch with those you love without having to share your celebrations on social media.

Skwibble app

Skwibble was created by an Uncle that didn’t want to miss his niece’s milestones or memories, so it’s nice to support an app with family in mind. You can download Skwibble on the apple app store or android.

Our little man was gifted a gorgeous monkey rucksack in return for the promotion of this lovely little app.

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