Slimpod Update – Honesty

As you may have read, in October I will be jetting off to India with 99 other truly inspirational fundraisers and 6 celebrity team captains to raise an obscene amount of money for the charity CoppaFeel! Which will help fund the incredible work they do to educate young men and women on the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer and overall breast and pectoral health, which is saving lives across the country.  

So in preparation for the gruelling 50mile trek across the Himalayas I have teamed up with ‘Slimpod’ and the Thinking Slimmer team to get fit and healthy. Although Kirsty isn’t coming to India with me in October, she will also be supporting me and joining me on the 12-week programme.

Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the team at Slimpod and Thinking Slimmer, who are very generously donating £750 towards my fundraising target of £3000. If you would also like to show support by offering a donation please follow the link below.

We initially aimed to start our ‘Slimpod’ journey on the 28th May, however, didn’t get off to the best start due to poor organisation on my part, so we decided it would be best to postpone our “start date” by just a couple of weeks so that we could really commit to it. As you know Kirsty and I try to be as open and honest about our life with you. In May we received some devastating news about a death in the family and are continuing to grieve the loss of a dearly loved family member, this loss was taken very badly and we are and will be struggling to come to terms with this loss for the foreseeable, grief is not easy. I will not be writing about this loss on the blog again with respect to my family.

Other factors delayed our start on the programme as we went on our first family holiday to Spain at the beginning of June which was a much-needed break, upon our return I then had a girly weekend away planned in London to see The Spice Girls on 14th June, and K and M have a big camping weekend planned this weekend! So in all a pretty busy and emotional time for us. However, come Monday 1st July when we are all settled back at home and in familiar surroundings, we can really get going.

The 12-week Slimpod Gold programme will take us up to 23rd September, which is just about a month before the trek. I will be posting regular posts about our progress on the programme, as well as updates on my fitness plans over the next 4 months. The heat is now well and truly on and I need to focus and prepare my body for this challenge. I don’t have much to lose in terms of weight, only around 14-18lbs which I think it very achievable in this timeframe, so I am going to focus more on stamina and core strength.

Slimpod was recently featured in the popular Channel 4 programme ‘How to Lose Weight Well’ and are growing in popularity due to their success. The programme is currently £97.00 and can be paid over 3 instalments. If you are interested in the Slimpod Gold 12 week programme you can visit their website and/or follow them over on Instagram @thinkingslimmer

I cannot wait to get going and see the results!

We are using the slimpod gold programme free of charge in return for this post. Thinking slimmer are also donating charitable funds. 

fab featured Photo by John Arano on Unsplash *we hope to look this fit by the end of the year*

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