Smart Games – Camelot Jr

At the end of last year we were sent some fab games by Smart Games and have been enjoying putting them to the test over the last few months. This month we’ve really enjoyed playing Camelot Jr which is a brain-challenging game with up to 48 challenges.

camelot jr smart games

The game comes with a little wooden board to place castle pieces on, depending on which level of challenge you select. You then have to follow the game rules to get the prince to the princess, or the princess to the prince as we mostly ended up playing (with awesome sound effects supplied by M).

Camelot Smart Games

puzzle smart games

stairs camelot jr

Camelot Jr is perfect for 4-9 year olds and wasn’t too tricky for M to grasp. We found ourselves getting quite competitive to see who could solve the puzzles the fastest. The pieces are nice and chunky and really robust, so they will certainly retain their good quality for years to come.

If you a little puzzle lover or want to challenge your children then this is a lovely little game to introduce.

We were sent this game for the purpose of review.

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