Smartrike two years on.

Just over two years ago, our little man was sent a Smartrike to review and it turned out to be perfect for those moments when a stroller was optional. Which is why were were super happy to support #Swapyourstoller week over on Twitter. Go check out the hashtag to see the new generation of little ones trying out the new Smartrike on sale. Our little man has moved on from the original way he rode the Smartrike, which is what makes it such a great product, it really grows with your child.

At almost three years old, M is able to use the Smartrike as a trike. We removed the handle and supportive seat quite a while ago and have encouraged our little man to perfect his pedal power all by himself. It’s great for a trip to the park and in the garden, but to be honest he’s not fully mastered the pedals and steering, so we tend to avoid anything that takes us near roads.

smartrike phone

The design of the trike also lends itself well to one of M’s new favourite games, washing things. As soon as the paddling pool is out, everything in the garden gets washed, which means his Smartrike ends up looking sparkly and new. This is a bonus as most of M’s outdoor toys are starting to look quite tired after two years in the garden.

smartrike collage I would love to report that the phone retained battery power after the last few years, but it has been used so much that eventually the power went. Luckily the batteries are replaceable, which meant M was back in action, calling his pals for a cruise down town (round the garden).  The robust wheels have put up with a bashing and are perfect to support the weight of a tall two year old.

smartrike pedals

I can certainly see us investing a new model when our next bundle appears. It makes trips to the shop fun and is certainly a great investment. Some of the newer models even come with a shopping bag on the bag, so you can leave the stroller at home, assured that your shopping has a place to go.

Prices start from £40.

We were sent our Smartrike two years ago and it’s lasted amazingly. All views and opinions are our own.

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