Smiling at Softplay

As we’ve mentioned before in a previous post, the weekends are our special family time. It’s the only time in the week where we get a whole two days as a family. Usually our weekends are full with seeing friends, family or running errands.But this weekend we have a whole two days with not much planned.

Yesterday we decided to take Monkey to one of our favourite places to go and let off steam, softplay. Our little man is big climber and enjoys throwing himself off whatever he climbs, we makes softplay an ideal place for him to practice his skills.

Softplay climb

Both of us love to get involved with his crazy adventures around softplay and I am always fond of re-enacting a Bazinga moment in the ball pool. It’s lovely seeing the big grin on his face as he manages to climb something new or throws one of the balls really far.

I know softplay is some parents idea of a nightmare, but for us it’s a time we get to enjoy as a family.

Softplay ordingary moment

mummy daddy me

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  1. Cariemay Reply

    I think the soft play: heaven or hell depends very much on the soft play in question. There’s a really big one near us that’s just too overwhelming and too full of kids to be fun but we found another at a garden centre that’s smaller, nicely enclosed and on a Tuesday morning almost completely empty. Kitty and her friend had it to themselves most of the time and even the baby sisters got to join in, it was wonderful. It sounds like yours is similarly awesome, and your pictures of M are gorgeous!

  2. Hayley Reply

    I love getting to soft play just to see Lucas enjoying himself, it can be stressful for parents but so worth it because the little ones love it. I’ll be trying a bazinga moment next time though! Certainly looks like he enjoyed himself.

  3. Morgana Reply

    Love these pics! He is having a great time!
    I love soft play when it’s quiet and my girls can just run off together. It’s great sitting and having a coffee while watching them giggling and chasing each other around. Oh and of course I’ll have a couple of goes down the massive slide! 🙂

  4. Lauren Reply

    He certainly looks like he is enjoying it there. We only go to softplay when my brother visits, our local one is a nightmare at weekends x

  5. mummydaddyme Reply

    Aw gorgeous boy, and I love your photo of the ball pit, whenever I try and take a photo in soft play it ends up looking awful cause of the artificial light in there. Mads loves soft play but I hate it as she is always wired afterwards. 😉 x

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