Snuggle Bundl blanket – REVIEW

When were lucky enough to be sent a Snuggle Bundl to be sent to review we were really looking forward to giving it a go. We had seen the Snuggle Bundl at the Babyshow in February and to be honest C and I had different opinions on the product.


I really liked the way it made picking up your baby easy for people who suffered with back problems. I have had back issues on and off and saw this as a good product for days when I was struggling. C thought it seemed as though you were picking up your baby like you would a plastic bag. I was really eager to show her that it was a product she could love.

The idea for the Snuggle Bundl came about due to David Solomon looking for solutions on how to safely lift and carry his daughter due to back problems and his wife having complications during giving birth which restricted movement. He joined forces with Mike Edwards and Snuggle Bundl was born. You can visit their site where they tell you the full story, much better than I can.

The way the Snuggle Bundl works is you place your precious bundle on top of the blanket. You can lay it on your bed on in their car seat or in their crib. You then fold the bottom section up over their feet, then make sure there head is inside the reinforced hood to protect their little necks and then lift both sides up together so you are holding the handles.


At first I was worried about lifting Monkey too high as it’s like no blanket I’ve ever used. But after reading their site and having a good look at the Snuggle Bundl, you can tell its really well made and the handles are sewn completely round so there’s no way it can suddenly fail.


I wasn’t sure Monkey would like being in the blanket, but he proved me wrong and seemed very content each time we’ve used it. C has even been impressed by the Snuggle Bundl and really likes the way it supports the baby. We both agree it feels very secure and we love the spotty design on the one we were sent.


We would definitely recommend the Snuggle Bundl for use if you have had a cesarean or back problems. But also just if you want a cute blanket that allows you to transport your baby between different locations without waking them.

*We were sent a Snuggle Bundl for free to review. All views are our own.


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