So good to be outdoors – Autumn Walk 2018

When our little man was born we started a family tradition to get outdoors with our cameras for an Autumn walk every year. It’s such a great opportunity to capture some lovely images of M during such a colourful season. But this year it was starting to look like we were going to miss our first, annual Autumn Walk in 6 years. The weather, illness, busy schedules and no spare time, were all factors in preventing us from getting outdoors as a family.

Suddenly a window opened up in our diaries and the sun came out, so Clara suggested we head to Kingston Lacy. Our new National Trust membership cards had just landed in the post, so it was a sign that it was meant to be. As we were getting ready to leave it was growing sunnier and sunnier, which was so unusual based on that week’s weather, but it cheered us all up so much.

Into the woods Autumn Walk

Climbing Autumn Walk

Upside down Autumn Walk

Kingston Lacy has so many different areas to explore. We usually head straight to the woodland park area, behind and to the right of the house. Here we let M run off some energy whilst we enjoy the sun. We then took a short walk through the woods back to the front of Kingston Lacy, to enjoy a slice of cake in the cafe. The cake at Kingston Lacy is gorgeous, I usually enjoy a slice of Dorset Apple Cake, whilst Clara enjoys a slice of Victoria Sponge.

Standing tall Autumn Walk

Path drawing Autumn Walk

Watching Autumn Walk

Smiles Autumn Walk

Beautiful smiles Autumn Walk

As the sun was still shining when we left the cafe we headed into the gardens behind the house for some more exploring. Even after nearly 9 years in Dorset, we a still yet to explore the whole estate. We then headed back to the car as the sun started to set. It may seem like somewhat of a whistle stop tour, but we actually managed to fill several hours just enjoying the beautiful colours of the trees and the crisp Autumn air.

Colourful trees Autumn Walk

Climbing trees Autumn Walk

Big grins Autumn Walk

Den building Autumn Walk

Family Autumn Walk

Mama and M Autumn Walk

Standing tall Autumn Walk Stickman

Woodland Autumn Walk

We all agreed how great it was to get outdoors as a family and promised ourselves we would make more of an effort to spend time together in our busy schedules.

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