So much exploring – Autumn Walk 2015

I was quite excited last week, when C suggested we find somewhere new to take our annual Autumn walk. We started our autumn walk tradition the year our little man was born and have enjoyed how it’s progressed each year. We are lucky to live so close to so many gorgeous forests and woodland parks, so we took to Google to discover somewhere we’d never been, but could get to within an hour. With a few clicks, we had settled on Bolderwood set in the gorgeous New Forest, Hampshire.

autumn walk 15 smiling cheeky
autumn walk 15 wellies

We packed up a picnic and enjoyed the hour drive through the gorgeous New Forest, to reach the beautiful Bolderwood. We chose Bolderwood as it has a lovely little visitors center (only open at certain times of the year), toilets, picnic benches with areas to BBQ and some fab little trails and longer ones if you have the stamina. It is also home to a deer sanctuary, which is somewhere to visit in the warmer months of the year as you get to see the Deer keeper feeding the deer. Despite the cold, we were still able to see the deer from the deer viewing platform along one of the trails.

autumn walk 15 leaves
autumn walk 15 Mummy and M

autumn walk 15 two

We ate our picnic on arrival, so we were able to put our cool bag back in the car before our walk. The little dude spied an ice cream van, so make sure you have change if you are visiting as we had to scrape together our shrapnel to get together enough for an ice pop. Yes you can say no to an ice lolly, but it was such a lovely day and we love to treat our little dude on the weekends.

We then headed off into the woods where we explored, played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf”, collected leaves for our autumn crafts and generally enjoyed each others company. It was such a lovely day full of laughs and smiles, we can’t wait to revisit. Now for the photo spam. I took a lot of pictures, this post could easily be tree times the size, so it was hard to narrow my choices down, but here are the ones that made the cut.

autumn walk15 hug tree

autumn walk 15 tree
autumn walk 15 smiling bench

autumn walk 15 stump climbing
autumn walk 15 puddle tree

autumn walk 15 couple
autumn walk 15 mummy smiles
autumn walk 15 puddes
autumn walk 15 mama and m

autumn walk 15 C and K
autumn walk 15 family

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    It looks like you had such a lovely day. Forests in the autumn are so, so beautiful. You guys always come across so outdoorsy and M will grow up with memories full of the great outdoors. He is a very lucky little boy x

  2. Annie, Fable & Folk Reply

    Bolderwood is a great place, in the Summer holidays they do deer feeding at 2pm and you can stand on a platform an see dozens of deer come to feed – deffo one for next year.
    I love these photos, all buttery light and happy faces – and it reminds me how important it is to get family photos with all of us in (something I never manage). Thanks for joining in again ladies x

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