So They All Rolled Over

Last night whilst we were getting ready for bed I turned to K and asked if Monkey should have rolled over already. K replied with ‘All babies do things at different speeds and he’ll roll over when the time is right’. I’m not worried about how Monkey is developing but as a new mother I do sometimes wonder what the rough ages are for certain milestones.

So They All Rolled Over-

I must have had a sixth sense. Today Monkey and I went to our Under Ones play group. It was the first session and we both loved it. There were lots of toys for the little ones to play with and it’s a great place for me to meet other mothers with children of a similar age to Monkey. So whilst I glanced over to talk to one of the other mummies our cheeky chappy decided he’d rather be on his back than his front. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I put him back onto his tummy and he did it again, and again and again! I immediately told K. I felt so proud of our little man and we were both so amazed that we were only talking about it last night. We’ve always thought that Monkey is the king of coincidence.

Since the Under Ones group Monkey seems to have gone all shy. We put him on his tummy at lunch time so K could see it, however he didn’t want to play along, although I managed to capture another roll on video. K can’t wait to see it for real. I’m sure if we keep encouraging him, he’ll do it for her in no time!

So They All Rolled

It’s so emotional watching him grow and learn. Every day his personality seems to come through a little bit more. I’m amazed by how well he is holding his head up now. I watched K and Monkey playing together this evening and I was remembering back to our first week at home together, Monkey was so tiny and delicate, that seems like it was a lifetime ago and although I’m sometimes sad that he’s not my little newborn anymore I am loving this journey we are all on together and I am so excited for what’s to come. Each day is even more special than the last.


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  1. Taffy Mac Reply

    We have some weird parallels!!! This is what happened to Jo the other day! Elijah’s first roll happened at play group when she had turned to talk to another mum, how funny!

    Yay Monkey!

  2. Aida Reply

    My little guy has been practicing for a while now and every now and then he will roll from tummy to back but now he seems determined to skip rolling stage all together and just plunges forward whenever seated and ends up on tummy position. Cheeky little guy

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