So very busy

It feels like this year is our busiest yet. I know it is probably something I will say every year as it passes. But this year seems to have been packed full and the months have flown by. I have barely had time for friends and family, let alone update our blog with all the posts I intended to write over the last few months.

It’s been all change for us this year. On top of my full time job of 8 years I am now studying to make a massive career change to become a Paramedic. I am also loving my time as a Beaver Scout Leader and also volunteer twice a month at an LGBTQ youth project. So with all that on my plate the days blend in to the next and I am living weekend to weekend.

Clara is also making some huge changes in her career path. She starts teacher training in September and is also training to climb the Himalayas with CoppaFeel! in October. It’s all go for both of us and our time together is usually spent meal planning, bingeing Game of Thrones and Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

But I also want to get back to sharing our posts on our blog. The family adventures we still manage to fit in, the products we are loving, books we are reading and our opinions on LGBTQ events. Even if it means you’ll probably see a post about how we spent our Easter, as Summer approaches.

The little dude is just as busy as always. He never stops moving a mile a minute and is just taking his Year 2 SATS. He’s loving swimming, reading and learning all about sea life and animals. He is counting down the months until he swims up from Beavers to Cubs and has mastered safely lighting fires with his fire steel.

Huge thanks to our readers that have stuck with us from the very start. You mean a lot to us. We appreciate your support along the way. We hope you continue to follow our family through the years.

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  1. More Than Words Reply

    I so feel you on this post! I too have missed sharing so many experiences over this past year, in large part because Georgia and I began incorporating self-care (i.e. workout time) into our already hectic routine and as you mentioned, there are only so many hours in the day. The funny thing is, I just last night posted the last of our summer bucket list from 2018 LAST NIGHT… 8 months late, haha! I figured better late than never. William turned 2 in early April and I’ll be lucky if I get that post up before June and you know what, that’s totally ok. All this means is that we’re focusing more on ourselves and our families. Good for you for doing that! Great post. 🙂

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