Someone Special

Tonight Monkey sat on my lap and held my hand. He held my hand for at least ten minutes. He likes to stroke my nails usually, but this time he was content to just sit and hold my hand.

Our little man has been a whizzing whirling ball of energy since he learnt to walk. Everything has to be touched and inspected or picked up and carried around the room.

But tonight he was happy to take ten minutes out of his busy schedule, to sit on the bed with his two mummies and snuggle.


As Dumbo played in the background, I looked down at his tiny hand as it grasped mine. I wondered where the weeks and months had gone since I first held his little hand.

Soon the little man holding my hand will be one and I will wonder where our tiny baby has gone. But I’m happy, so happy, because I love this little boy more than I ever knew I had the capacity to. Sometimes so much love brims within me that I find myself blinking back tears when I see him do something new or when he smiles at me with his big gummy smile.

Every moment I’m with M is like a moment I’m floating. Which sounds totally unreal, but then so is the feeling I have had since he was born. He’s amazing, he’s changed our lives. You’ve got to be someone special to change a life.

So I’m certain our little man is someone special.

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  1. Hannah Reply

    This is so beautiful – and completely how I’m feeling at the moment. May have shed a small tear xx

  2. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    This is so lovely. It’s funny how as they get bigger and more active and more interested in the world, these moments become more beautiful and more precious.
    And I totally get the floating thing. When I look at my kids sometimes it’s like I’m in a dream. x

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