Space Party – Monkey Turns One

When C and I decided we were going to throw M a space party for his 1st Birthday, I took to Pinterest and started pinning every image related to throwing a space party. We knew we wanted to make his party special, even if he wouldn't remember it. At least we will have the memories saved here for him.

We invited some close friends and family and C's Mum hired the local village hall for us. It was a little on the big side, but with some imaginative dividing of space with chairs, we managed to make it look fit for our little man.

We were very lucky to be offered some fab decorations and party supplies by Delights and were invited to make M's birthday cake with Lulubelles, the lovely lady who made our wedding cupcakes. We were also sent a fantastic Source Sodastream to provide our guests with plenty of fizz. My parents baked up a storm with sweet and savoury goods and C's mums supplied us with lots of goodies too. It really was a homemade party.

When we arrived at the hall it was a mad dash to get everything ready in 40 minutes. Everyone who turned up early chipped in on setting it up. Everything came together almost exactly as we had imagined. Once everyone arrived our Pre party nerves dispersed. M enjoyed running round the hall with his little friend from Devon and friends and family enjoyed catching up.

The food was a major hit, we made sure the food was 50/50 meat and vegetarian. C and I had spent some time making lots of little star flags to let everyone know what they were eating. A favourite decoration of mine was the little edible confetti stars we had decorated the tables with. M's little friend loved eating them off the table.

The cake was certainly the best centre piece we could have hoped for. Everyone was really impressed we actually made it and it was really tasty too. We have a lot to live up to next year.

It really was such a fantastic afternoon, everyone helped us tidy the hall up once our allotted time was over and M fell fast asleep in my Uncles arms as the excitement of the party became too much. It's a day we won't ever forget, seeing everyone come together to help us celebrate a year of our little man was incredibly special.

*Special thanks to Delights, Sodastream and Lulubelles for their supplies, all views are our own.


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  1. Kelly finn Reply

    Aww lovely, what a fantastic day he had!
    I can’t believe how fantastic the cake looks! I’m planning on making my daughters first cake too… *looks worried*
    What lovely memories.

  2. jenny paulin Reply

    it looks like an out of this world party for little Monkey’s 1st birthday party. you both worked so hard and your effotts really worked. it all looks and sounds brilliant x

  3. Lauren Reply

    It looks like everything came together perfectly. And Monkey looks like he really enjoyed himself, as does everyone else.
    Well done on the decorations, the attention to detail and the fantastic cake! xx

  4. Karen Reply

    Aaaaahh can’t believe your little man is 1 already and Daisy Is 1 on Wednesday. The years gone so quickly. Looks like a fantastic party & cake 🙂

  5. WallyMummy Reply

    Can’t believe he’s one already! The time just flies doesn’t it 🙁 x he looks like he had a total ball 😉 love the space theme and love that cake! Xx

  6. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    Aw it looks a really wonderful party with all the little touches. The cake really is amazing. I hope you all had a brilliant day! And happy birthday for monkey for today! I’m up feeding LL but it’s definitely Tuesday now! X

  7. Caroline Reply

    Happy birthday monkey. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time x

  8. More Than Words Reply

    Happy birthday Monkey! What an awesome party – you guys did a great job! The food looked especially yummy but I equally liked the cake and cupcake stand. Isn’t Pinterest just the best?!

    I love the space theme. If we ever have a boy that’s going to be the theme of the nursery. 🙂

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  10. Capture by Lucy Reply

    I love it, I love it, I love it all! The background looks fab and all the little details – shooting straws! Love it! Happy Birthday Monkey chap xxxx

  11. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    Wow, this is all looks amazing. I love all your attention to details, like the space themed food labels and the star shaped fruit kebabs. I hope you all had an amazing time (I think first birthdays are as much for the parents as the babies!) I’m sure Monkey will love getting to see his party photos in years to come and knowing the effort you went to to make it special for him. x

  12. Emily Reply

    That looks great and the food is giving me the munchies!!
    We had a huge 1st bday party for E too, you have to do it to celebrate your first year of surviving parenting 😉 Now we have the excuse that the other children will enjoy it.
    Milky Way stars are the best most perfect bribe in the Universe! xx

  13. Amy Reply

    Hi, I’m a fairly new follower. I’m in love with your blog. Your son is adorable! And happy first birthday to him! His party looked amazing, I’ll be keeping a space theme in mind for my twins next birthday.

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  16. Kara Reply

    It looks like a truly amazing day. There are so many memories in this picture. Love the food names. The cake wow. So so fab. Well done ladies x

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