Spilly Spoon – Review

The other day our little Monkey had his 2nd set of injections, which seemed to hurt him a lot more than the 1st. Thankfully our Calpol was at hand to take away his pain.

Usually I dread giving Monkey medicine as it involves using a horrible syringe. I hate how he reacts to them as due to the design he starts to suck on it and gags. We have only administered Calpol once, however he had the same problem when taking Infacol.

This time was a whole different story. Whilst at The Baby Show – Earls Court we purchased a Spilly Spoon.

This is a spoon designed so you are able to measure out the correct amount of medicine which sits in the handle. The amounts are clearly moulded onto the side of the handle, which is made of clear plastic so you can see the amount of liquid you are pouring. There is also handy little legs on the top and bottom on the entire spoon so it doesn’t go rolling around. The spoon is designed to fit into a child’s mouth with ease and is quite long and deep so that it is small enough for babies and big enough for a child.

I was a bit worried Monkey wouldn’t open his mouth for it but I was pleasantly surprised when he opened wide and let me rest the spoon gently on his tongue.

The Calpol slid out very gently and it was all over before Monkey even realised that I had given him anything. No gagging, no tears.

I love this Spoon so much that I am going to purchase some more just in case one goes missing. Even though I hope I don’t get to use it much, I won’t use anything else to give my little Monkey his medicine.

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  1. Joceejo Reply

    I’ve got one too – love the fact that you don’t spill the medicine when you are trying to pour it out in the middle of the night.

  2. Kerry Reply

    Really need one of these….absolutely ruined a vest yesterday with raspberry cough medicine!!!!

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