Spooky faces and a skeleton – Halloween 2016

This year’s Halloween was very different to the Halloween we had planned at the start of the year. We had no idea we would be living with family again and trick or treating round their estate, so all our Halloween decorations remained in boxes this year. But as big fans of Halloween we couldn’t let it pass without getting into the spirit of it.

I decided to stick with my favourite costume of choice… a zombie, M picked a cute skeleton tracksuit from H&M and I picked up a last minute dolls mask from Asda for Clara. We had no idea that Clara would end up looking the scariest!

Halloween costumes 2016

We all got dressed up as soon as I had finished work and waited until the sun had gone down to light our pumpkins. M was super excited about going out to collect as many sweets as possible, whilst I was looking forward to seeing the effort my in law’s neighbours had put into their Halloween decorations.

Skeleton Halloween

doll face halloween

Zombie halloween 2016

Our policy of not knocking on doors unless they have a pumpkin outside is one we have always followed and it also leads us to the best decorated homes. So many families put a lot of effort into creating a spooky garden or porch in Dorset. I don’t remember there being this much effort made when we used to trick or treat as kids. But then I think Halloween is much more commercial now and to be honest you won’t hear me moaning as I love it!

We spent roughly an hour out trick or treating and M headed home with a full pumpkin bucket. Haribo and Swizzle lollies seemed to be the sweet of choice this year. M was very pleased as he exclaimed Haribo to be his favourite (this changes daily).

zombie face Halloween

Once the sugar high had worn off and M was fast asleep we settled down for my annual Halloween horror film viewing. The only night of the year where Clara willingly watches a horror film of my choice. We went for The Strangers, this year. Although due to a restless boy the film was cut short and he ended up in bed with us.

halloween 2016 doll face

I am hopeful that next Halloween we get to throw a party in our home where I can turn the house into the haunted house of my dreams, or should I say nightmares!

How did you spend Halloween if you celebrate it?

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  1. More Than Words Reply

    Clara’s doll mask is pretty much the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen, ha! It sounds like you guys had a great night! Our neighborhood was pretty lame this year with only like 2 porch lights on. Still, we had a good time!

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