Spooky Family Gathering – Halloween 2014

This year M seemed to really enjoy Halloween and get into the spooky spirit of it. Having a Mama like me he’ll always be surrounded by spooky goings on at Halloween. I can’t wait until he’s old enough to appreciate a Halloween party or sit down and watch some horror films with me. This year M ended up with 4 Halloween costumes and by extreme coincidence they all turned out to be skeleton outfits. As he was lucky enough to attend a Halloween part before Halloween, he got to wear one of the outfits there. He then wore one to play around the garden, a third was worn whilst trick or treating and the final one was work to our family spooky gathering.
happy halloween

This year my mum invited us to stay at hers over Halloween and we felt it was a great opportunity to take M trick or treating with my niece who lives near my parents. We headed over after work and rushed into some costumes and headed out the door. We have a rule that we only ever knock on doors with Pumpkins outside or Halloween decorations. Quite a few houses had carved pumpkins and some houses were decorated really well. One particular house was Oscar worthy. They’d turned their garden into a graveyard, had a full size robot creepy butler and were sat at a table with goblets and a cauldron. M was amazed and a little spooked, especially by the two guys in head to toe black morph suits. The screams from the teens trick or treating as we finished, could be heard from several roads away.

skelly and prom queen

The day after Halloween my mum threw a little party for us all. My sister and her family were there and my mums cousin and her husband. It was nice to catch up with everyone, eat the lovely treats my sister and niece prepared and also over indulge in the veggie chilli my dad cooked. I also love the effort my mum goes to when decorated for Halloween. My love of Halloween certainly originates from her. Though I do come from a long line of witches *don’t ask*.

haunted house

Next year C and I hope to be in our own home, so I’ll be decorating our own walls with spooky effects. But it was really fun to help my mum add the finishing touches to her house.

gruffalo cakes

My niece made some awesome Gruffalo and spider cakes. It wasn’t until I was tucking into a Gruffalo cake that I noticed that they really did look like Gruffalo cakes, she’s so clever!

spider halloween cakes

halloween cake

halloween family

We felt this weekend was the perfect opportunity to snap this months family photo. Last year we shared a spooky family shot quite different to this years. This years was snapped on my DSLR whilst I held it at arms length. I didn’t have my tripod and the light was fading so it was set wide open with quite a high ISO. Due to the nature of a selfie I had no way to see my focal point, but I’m quite glad M ended up being the one in focus. He’s changed so much since last year. He doesn’t stay still for a second, he talks non stop and can be quite the terror at times. But he’s also completely adorable with the biggest softest heart. We had so much fun and are enjoying creating great memories surrounding our favourite celebrations. It’s lovely capturing all these memories to look back on.

Family Halloween

dear beautiful

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  1. Cariemay Reply

    Oh that’s a great picture of the three of you, I love your Halloween photos 🙂

  2. More Than Words Reply

    4 costumes! What a lucky and very loved kiddo! Grace seemed to be equally excited and scared of all the yelling kiddos and scary decor while trick-or-treating as well, ha!

    I just love how you did M’s make-up and those snacks are awesome! Happy Halloween 🙂

  3. Life With Munchers Reply

    Gorgeous little guy! I am terrified of Halloween and all things remotely spooky. I have to shut my eyes if a horror trailer comes on the tv. So I’d have died on the spot with the morph suits. Great costumes! x

  4. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    You guys look fab! I love the costumes and all the little details. Halloween sort of bypassed us this year cause we were away- I normally love dressing the girls up.

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