Spooky First – Halloween 2012

I know Halloween isn’t for everyone and a lot of people disagree with the huge commercialisation of Halloween. But I for one Love it! I really do. It’s one of my favourite times of the year. I love to dress up, listen to Halloween music, watch scary films and eat too many Halloween sweets.

Now that we’ve become parents our Halloween experience has changed slightly. No more dressing up and going to parties and watching Scary films all night. Instead we get to dress up our little Monkey in the cutest skeleton outfit, carve pumpkins and open our door to trick or treaters with the cutest skeleton in town.

Spooky First - Halloween 2012 - mytwomums.com

Which means this is my favourite Halloween so far. I’ve already made Crafty Masks and Spooky finger puppets with my little brother in law, all in practice for the crafty fun i’ll have with Monkey once he’s old enough. Last night we carved pumpkins, we usually just have the one, but now we have Monkey I made sure we got a small one to represent his effort.

I decided to go with a Pumpkin King design this year and felt it was my best pumpkin yet, if I do say so myself. Once I finished my pumpkin it was C’s turn. It was at this point she declared she’d never carved a pumpkin. 5 years of being with C and I did not know this. I always love finding out little bits about C that I didn’t know already. She did a fantastic job and we had lots of fun, even if she did hate the smell of pumpkin.

Pumpkin Carving - mytwomums.com

Pumpkin Carving - mytwomums.com

I am already thinking of what we can dress Monkey in next year. What have you been up to for Halloween?

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