Spooky Halloween Treats

Yesterday we shared some spooky halloween lunches we created as we prepared to celebrate Halloween. Today we are sharing some spooky halloween treats that are easy and fun to make with your toddlers or even older children.

spooky halloween spiders

Clara’s mum discovered these mutant spiders online and as they only required 3 ingredients we thought we’d give them a go with M. We melted some dark and milk chocolate together over a saucepan, then poured the melted chocolate into a bowl whilst M poured/threw some rice crispies into a bowl. We then spooned small piles onto some grease proof paper and placed smarties on as eyes. Clara then cut up some fizzy strawberry laces and added them as legs. The reason they are mutant spiders is because we ran out of legs.

spooky mutant spiders


The mutant spiders were a huge success with the whole family and only lasted about 8 hours before they’d all been devoured. You could make little rice crispie ghosts by using white chocolate and M &M’s or add some food colouring to make Frankenstein faces.


spooky halloween treats

Next spooky halloween treat we created was a little swamp. I used one of M’s frubes and squeezed it into a little bowl and added some Fruit Wriggles by Kiddylicious as worms. We decorated the swamp with a spiders web from Eats Amazing.(Set of 8, £2.95). It’s such a simple idea to do and only took a minute to throw together. You could even get your children to make their own swamps.

swamp pudding

Our final spooky halloween treat was inspired by a discussion we had one twitter about creating fun little puddings. I remembered we had some edible cupcake cases left over from a Degustabox and added some chocolate rice pudding, crumbled over some chocolate biscuit and used more Fruit Wriggles as worms to create a monster graveyard. The graveyard wasn’t complete until we added a spooky mummy from the Eats Amazing Halloween cupcake rings (set of 6, £2.50).

mud graveyard

The rice pudding soaks through the edible cases really quickly, so it’s a pudding to be eaten straight away. Or you could use mini ramekins. We had so much fun putting together different spooky creations. I think we’ll be coming up with a few more in the next couple of days.

graveyard pudding

*We received our cupcake rings and spider webs from Eats Amazing for the purpose of creating lots of fun food. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Baked Potato Mummy Reply

    Fab ideas. I love your mutant spiders and a great idea to try doing them with white chocolate instead and make ghosts!

  2. Donna Wishart Reply

    Such great ideas! I find it hard to be creative with food – I have zero imagination! x

  3. Cariemay Reply

    The swamp is properly scary – I wondered what on earth it was until you said yoghurt; the mutant spiders look yummy too!

  4. Tinuke Reply

    OOh errr!!! Those spiders would put me off the food but then again, I’m greedy so maybe not! Great ideas!

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