Spooky Pumpkin Carving

If you hadn’t noticed already, I love Halloween. Every year I find time to do some spooky pumpkin carving. During M’s first Halloween I revealed that Clara hadn’t done any pumpkin carving before. So I thought it only fair this year to help Clara’s little brother carve his first ever pumpkin.

We both chose a couple of free pumpkin carving stencils by Party Delights and had fun carving, scooping and generally making a mess. I got a bit rough with my creation and sadly cut through one of the little pieces holding it all together, so I spun the pumpkin round and began work on my timeless classic “Jack the Pumpkin King”. If I had my own way our whole front garden would be a gallery of carved pumpkins, but I’m not sure the in laws or Clara would appreciate that.


Pumpking carving is something the whole family can get involved with. There are lots of little pumpkin carving kits around which are safe for little hands. I prefer to be more cautious and just allow little hands to do the scooping of the inside. But as they get a bit older then a blunt knife and some guidance can help your little ones gain some independence. I was really impressed with Clara’s brother’s first ever attempt. He followed the stencil really well and managed to carve the pumpkin with no loss of digits.

pumpkin halloween

If you’re worried about having lit pumpkins in the house, we discovered our local supermarket stocks battery powered candles for a £1. So consider visiting your local pound shop or high street to help illuminate your pumpkin. We have some traditional tea light candles for the pumpkins which will be sitting outside the house far from any flammable items.

carve halloween

Pumpkins have a habit of going mouldy quite quickly, so I prefer to carve my pumpkin as close to Halloween as possible, this way I can dispose of it once Halloween is over.

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