Spooky time with friends – Halloween 2015

Last Halloween we were invited to a mini Halloween rave for children in London. It was there we finally met some friends we’d discovered a few years before, through Twitter. Both our boys are the same age and this year, rather excitingly, they made the move from London to Dorset. It’s so much fun to have made some friends that love Halloween as much as we do and was really nice to be invited to spend Halloween at theirs, enjoying various crafty fun, spooky food and trick or treating with the boys.
spooky friends

Our friends put on a super spooky buffet for our arrival, which M and ourselves were super impressed with. We were particularly fond of the zombie finger Wotsits, if you ever get the chance to try these, do! Once we’d satisfied our appetites, we got to pumpkin carving. Every year I attempt to create the best carving I can, so went for something different this year and carved a spooky ghost. I was quite impressed with how it came out. Clara and M carved the most adorable little pumpkin, which was M’s first attempt at carving a pumpkin.

spooky fun This year M wouldn’t decide on what he wanted to be for Halloween. He said it was scary and didn’t want to be scary, so Clara had the great idea of packing his Batman and her Robin costume from our recent Superheros post.  He was also bought an incredibly cute monsters outfit by his Nanny and we were so pleased that he agreed to put it on for pictures. I have a history of dressing up as a zombie on Halloween and Clara and I left it too late to organise a theme we’d decided on, so my back up zombie outfit was created. 

spooky shots

spooky pumpkins

spooky batman

spooky cakes

spooky fish bowl M absolutely loved the craft and games our friends had planned. Oreo spiders were a total hit, as our little man was so proud of how his turned out. We then played a game which required a straw, plastic spider and your lungs to propel a spider across a finish line. Clara, M and myself all seem to hold a competitive gene and did quite well at this game. 

spooky fun friends

Once the sun had set, the boys were positively bouncing with excitement at the prospect of collecting as many sweeties as possible. We have a rule that we only knock on doors with some form of Halloween deocor outside and this was very successful. Every house we visited was so friendly and kind to the boys and a few were in full costume like us. The boys returned home, literally with bucketfuls of sweets. Being the sensible parents we are and ones who wanted the boys to go to bed at a reasonable time, we only allowed them a couple of sweets before it was disco bath time and bed.

spooky trick

Once the boys were in bed, the Jägermeister came out. After several shots and a few ciders, I called it a night as I was suffering with sinusitis. But it really was the most fun we’d had on Halloween for a very long time.

spooky drinks

I have a feeling this way of celebrating Halloween is going to become a tradition. How did you spend Halloween? Do you go all out, or stick to just a few activities at home?

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