Spring time with #FrugiFamily

One of our favourite brands have just launched their very awesome Spring collection. We take our roles as Frugi Family members very seriously, so we took our little man and his Zip Up Hoody (£32) to Moors Valley Park to see how it coped in the wild with a very active little boy.

M is at the age when he is becoming super independent and wants to dress himself, zips and all. Which has meant the majority of his wardrobe is bright and colourful and easy to put on. The funky design of the Frugi zip up hoody was a perfect addition to his wardrobe and has been worn pretty much every day since it arrived (with days off to go in the washing machine).

frugi smiles

The fit is perfect and provides some growing room, which all children need as who wants to spend out lots every 4 weeks when they have another growth spurt. M is a tall boy yet fit the size 3-4 fits very well. It’s cosy and soft and the zip is nice and firm which makes it easy for little hands to use, but not too firm that it becomes uncomfortable.

frugi and gruffalo

Being an active child means M’s clothes get put through very muddy paces and in fact due to some car sickness he even christened his hoody with juice on the first outing. But fear not, it went through the washing machine on a eco wash and has come out looking brand new.
Frugi Family camper van

The camper van design is perfect our our transport loving boy and even appeals to C and I as we love the surfer look. Living 30 minutes from the beach means we daydream of a surfer lifestyle at least once a day.


Frugi Camper van
Frugi Family camper van

Frugi not only produce fantastic clothes, they also care a lot about the planet and where they source their materials from, which makes them a pretty great brand to support. They are also based in one of our favourite locations in the UK, so we’re hoping we get to meet them one day.

Frugi Colourful camper van

We’re not the only members of the Frugi Family talking about the Spring collection this week. If you click the cute image below you can check out Karen’s blog over at “Would like to be a yummy mummy”.


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  1. Lucy Reply

    That hoodie is ace, and he looks a total dude in it. Absolutely perfect for summer. And what a cool little model too, loving his shades. x

  2. Kara Reply

    He looks very handsome in his hoody. Isaac has last years version and it washes beautifully too :0)

  3. What Mummy Thinks Reply

    What gorgeous pictures 🙂 I too love how well it washes and how they stay looking great!

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  5. Donna Wishart Reply

    He is looking so grown up all of a sudden. Love the hoody choice – the colour really suits him x

  6. Susanne Remic Reply

    First of all, WHEN did he get so grown up?! My goodness, he is so cute! Love the hoody too- I’m never disappointed with Frugi’s stuff xx

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