Stand Up Paddleboarding – New Adventures

Back at the start of the Summer, whilst the Sun was giving us some of the best Summery days we’ve ever experienced, we headed to the beach. We’ve always loved a beach trip, but this particular beach trip Clara discovered a love of Stand Up Paddleboarding.

I’d given Stand Up Paddleboarding, otherwise known as SUP a go last year and wasn’t very good. I didn’t even attempt standing up as I was quite wobbly just on my knees. But with a few tips from West Country Mum and the kind loan of their SUP, Clara took to it literally straight away.

Clara Stand Up Paddleboarding

Since losing weight, Clara’s confidence has grown so much, it’s great to see her trying new things and being more active outdoors.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

M Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP

She was up and away, paddling across the smooth Weymouth waters with a massive grin on her face and a discovery of a new adventure to fall in love with. About an hour later our little dude was up and onto the board impressing us all with his Stand Up Paddleboarding skills and encouraging me to try it again. We always encourage M to give new adventures a go, so wanting to set a good example I got up on the board and managed to stand, for just long enough for a picture to be taken (I didn’t fall off).

M paddleboarding

K Stand up paddleboarding

SUP K Stand Up Paddleboarding

M Stand paddleboarding

We spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and splashing in the waves with a pizza inflatable we’d picked up in Primark last year. I even managed to stay afloat on a lilo, which I’ve never managed before!

Jumping on the beach

Pizza beach time

Pizza Sea smiles

I can certainly see a future of Stand Up Paddleboard adventures for Clara and the little dude. She’s already been researching the health benefits of Stand Up Paddleboarding and discovered it’s great for posture, which is something she’s been working on recently. I think I’m going to need to buy a Kayak to keep up with them both.

Have you tried Stand Up Paddleboarding?

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