Star Bright Toddler Bed

Our little man has generally been a good sleeper since birth. He loves to sleep and sleeps very well through the night. But the only issue we suffered was getting him to sleep in the first place. When M was very small we co-slept, he then moved into a cot, where we had to sit next to until he drifted off to sleep. Then it was time to move into a bigger bed and we were kindly sent a Star Bright Toddler Bedby HelloHome, to make the move into a fun toddler bed, a smooth one.

starbright bed

Although the Star Bright Toddler Bed isn’t the first ‘Big Boy Bed’ M has slept in, its the one he seems most settled in at night. He absolutely loves it. The ‘Star’ attraction of the bed is the built in night light which projects stars onto the wall and the ceiling of the bedroom. M loves climbing into bed and pushing the button to turn the lights on. He seemed to grasp the function very quickly as the button is very easy to press, so I have less fears about him waking in the dark, as he knows he is able to turn it on, if and when he needs it. Like most children his age, his fear of the dark is increasing as he becomes more aware of it. The night light is built into the headboard so M doesn’t even have to move off the pillow to reach it.

starbright wooden bed

The design of the bed is lovely. We love the look of the cloud shaped headboard, it gives the bed a magical feel. Children’s bedrooms are meant to look and feel special and this bed certainly looks the part. My favourite part of the design is the wooden legs, they just add that little touch of having something special for your baby. I’m sure M has taken no notice but I love it. The little table which is connected to the bed is also very handy. M loves choosing is bedtime stories and putting them on it before getting into bed. Its also great for putting his owl blanket on at night so he can reach it if he needs it. Unfortunately, although he loves his ‘Owly’ its very thick and makes him too hot so we have to take it out of the bed once he is asleep.

starbright toddler bed

We found the bed very easy to assemble. I say we, however, I took no part in assembling it. Kirsty loves the DIY jobs so she was happy to put it up herself.

Here’s what she has to say about the assembly – “I found the instructions really easy to follow. I managed to put it all together on my own, but there was one section I would suggest two people for. It’s very sturdy and can stand up to quite a bit”

starbright side bed

I can only think of one negative thing to say about the bed, and that’s  that we’re not able to remove the ‘bumper’ section of the bed as its connected to the frame and the table. Before we put the Star Bright Toddler Bed up, M had just got the hang of sleeping in a bed without the bumper bar and was doing really well, he hadn’t fallen out for some weeks, so I wish I was able to have the option to remove it and keep that going. I’m sure he will get the hang of it again once he has outgrown this bed, but I think its better if they learn at a young age. The bed is so low to the floor, which is perfect for M, I don’t think it would cause too much trouble if they were to fall out of bed.

That all said, I think its a lovely bed and I would recommenced it to anyone looking to make the transition from cot to toddler bed. The Star Bright Toddler Bed retails at £139.99 which for a 5 year investment for a quality bed which is going to last, is great value for money.

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*We were sent this bed and a mattress for the purpose of this review. All views an opinions are our own.

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  1. Emma Tustian Reply

    Ooh I love the dinosaur bedding. Gorgeous.

    The cloud headboard looked a bit like a teddy bear’s head to me at first.

  2. Donna Wishart Reply

    That bed is gorgeous. I love the little side table and the night light looks amazing – I want one! x

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