Starting the year at Studland Bay

Monday signaled the last day of the Christmas break for me, so we decided to visit somewhere beautiful to make the most of our last family day. Since becoming National Trust members I have been adding places to visit to a to-do list, so we decided that we would visit Studland Bay. Studland Bay is about 45 mins from us and located on the gorgeous coastline in Purbeck. As we are National Trust members we can park for free at Knoll Beach. There is a lovely little cafe and shop by the car park and also toilet facilities, which really came in handy as we used both the cafe and the toilets.

at the sea studland bay

As we arrived around lunch time we headed straight for the cafe for a bite to eat. Clara and I ordered the soup of the day, which was leak and potato, whilst M had a “50 things” lunch box. Both Clara and I agreed we wouldn’t order the soup again, but the sandwiches and cakes looked delicious. M loved his lunchbox which came with some stickers, pombear crisps, a stick of cheddar, a cheese sandwich, chocolate brownie, apple and a juice box. Clara and I ended up eating what he left, so it was certainly a generous serving for a child.

lunch studland

After we’d finished lunch we took a stroll across the sand to Middle beach. M and I enjoyed climbing trees and ticking off things on his 50 Things before he’s 11 and 3 quarters list. At one point I became some what stuck up a tree, which provided Clara with her first belly laughs of 2017. Though she was very kind and didn’t live stream my descent.

walking at studland bay

trees studland bay

Tree swinging studland bay

This little dude literally never stays still, even when asleep. He moves so much, swings off things, rolls all over the place and tries to flip over things. We have just contacted a local gymnastic coach to see if we can get his energy spent on something worthwhile for him.

up a tree studland bay

tree roots studland bay

The beach was incredibly popular for such a cold day. There were so many dog walkers and young families exploring it really made me smile to see so many people enjoying the great outdoors.

the sea at studland

standing high studland bay

smiles on tree studland bay

Studland Bay is the perfect place for an imaginative explorer to pretend to discover dinosaur eggs or capture velociraptors. I love watching M’s little face light up as he bounded off across the sand in pursuit of an Indominus rex

stream studland bay

I love the photo below, another great capture by our little man. I can hand him my DSLR (which is always in manual) and know he will capture something that makes me smile. He has requested a big camera of his own. I might have to convince him to start with a slighter cheaper version first, but he certainly has a talent.

family at Studland Bar

big smiles at studland

clara studland bay

exploring at studland bay

Hot chocolate studland bar

After lots of walking, tree climbing and stone skimming, we were freezing. So hot chocolates were a must before heading back to the car. We can’t wait to return to Studland Bay on a slightly warmer day with a picnic.

Studland Bay hot chocolate smiles

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  1. Cariemay Reply

    We used to go there when I was little and visiting the great aunts in Bournemouth – happy days 🙂

  2. Claire Reply

    Channeling the energy is a great idea – we do it with L and must start with F! He’s much like M and bounces all over the place. Lovely photos as always. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year xx

  3. cherylp59 Reply

    Looks like a lovely adventurous day out despite the cold – no fun for not sharing your stuck-up-a-tree photos though !! lol 😉 #countrykids

  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    What a beautiful place to be able to explore, perfect for a wintry day out as a family. M looks like he’s thoroughly enjoying climbing flipping and bouncing through the trees lost in his own imagination, such a wonderful sight to see. He’s definitely got a talent for photography, I struggle shooting in manual so he’s bested me!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  5. Baby Isabella Reply

    What an amazing stretch of coastline! Great for buring energy. Love the tree swinging! Definitely got an eye for photography #CountryKids

  6. Amy @ Very Much So Reply

    What a great way to start the year, I love the beach in winter. Something about the chill and the fresh air, seems so invigorating! Looks like you had a lovely day #CountryKids

  7. Sherry Reply

    Gorgeous photos, I’ve never been there but i really do love beach winter walks and he does have a cracking skill there with your camera! #CountryKids

  8. Emma Tustian Reply

    Great pics as usual. N loves using my camera too, so he had a compact one of his own for Christmas (somewhat overshadowed by a quad bike at the moment though). We went to these beaches a couple of years ago, unfortunately always at high tide which comes right up to the dunes. Definitely a beautiful place to be in the sun. #countrykids

  9. Rachel Reply

    We love going to the beach in the Winter – think we prefer it to the summer tbh! Great photo of you both by M – he definitely does have a talent! #countrykids

  10. Louise George Reply

    What a beautiful place to explore and I love all the photos of M amongst the trees and the one he took of the two of you. Glad to hear you managed to get down from the tree safely too! 🙂 #countrykids

  11. Samantha Free Reply

    What a beautiful place, your pictures are really stunning! Beaches in winter are the best, what lovely way to start the year. You are right, NT lunchboxes are very generous – my two normally just share one between them! #countrykids

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