Staying Well

Our little Monkey enjoys his bath time, however he does not like getting dressed, especially since the weather is getting colder. We recently bought a bath seat which is really helpful and allows us to use both hands to wash him. It's on a bit of a slant though and Monkey sometimes has an expression that he's about to fall, which isn't possible but how do you tell a 2 month old that?


Staying Well -


The other morning when giving Monkey a bath, not much more could have gone wrong.

When taking him out, I felt the towel go warm and realised that he had decided to wee so he had to go back in the bath which he was not best pleased about and decided that he will let the whole road know just how unhappy he was. Once safely on the bed and wrapped up nice and warm, I knelt down on the floor to dry him off and felt my back pop! Ouch! I was in agony and had to continue to dress my little wriggly monster whilst trying not to move much, not an easy task.

After about 45mins Monkey and I were finally snuggled up on the sofa watching Tangled. That's when I got to thinking about how important it is that I try and stay well. Again, how do you tell a baby that you're in pain or felling unwell? You can't, all you have to do is get on with things, just leave the housework to your partner or rope a family member in to do it for you haha.

I feel lucky that on this occasion I don't have a hyper toddler to run around after and was able to sooth Monkey off to sleep whilst my pain killers kicked in. However, watch this space, my time will come lol.

What are your experiences of being unwell and looking after your little ones?


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  1. T Mac Reply

    Elijah is the same. He loves his baths but reeeeeeeally doesn’t like the getting dressed part :/ He was kicking his feet last night (which isn’t unusual) and he was actually paying attention to them and grinning like: her look! I have feet! Look at meeeee! Haha. Let me know if you find a way to make the getting dressed part more enjoyable? 😉

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