Stokke Steps All in One Seating System – Review

Over the last few months we have been lucky enough to review the new Stokke Steps All in One Seating System and baby set.
We are big fans of Stokke products, especially the Tripp Trapp so we were very keen to see how the Stokke Steps differed.
I’m going to be honest, I think there are pros and cons about the chair. I have written about the different functions of the Stokke Steps in a previously, so if you would like to give that a read first head to the Stokke Steps post.


We found it very easy to put together, it only took us 20 minutes, which for a large item is quite quick, the instructions were great and very easy to follow. We only had a little bit of trouble putting on the cushion for the baby set as it was a bit tricky but it didn’t take long to get it right. I would say it was easier to assemble than the Tripp Trapp. Some baby products look quite daunting when you see them flat packed and they can often take hours to put together so I was really happy they made it so simple.


The Steps seemed quite sturdy, however we did notice it didn’t feel as sturdy as the Tripp Trapp, even with M in the chair. We tried it on different surfaces to make sure it wasn’t an issue with the floor but unfortunately it wasn’t.

Monkey seems very happy when he’s in the chair, it looks very comfortable with the cushions. M is very big for his age and seemed a little snug in the baby set so I loved that we could remove the backrest to give him some extra room. The foot rest is also very good. Unlike the Tripp Trapp where you need to unscrew the entire chair to change the hight of the footrest, the Steps has an easy adjustable function which allows you to move it up and down whilst baby is still in the chair.


Now Monkey is getting older he wants to be more independent and likes to get in and out of the chair on his own, we’ve found the Steps is a great height for him to climb and we have no worries about him getting onto it.

In the last day or so we have removed the baby set and M loves sitting in at the table on the chair, I think it makes him feel like a big grown up boy. The chair also looks great in the kitchen, we really like the neutral colours to fit in with a modern home, however, we would like to see some brighter colours added, we absolutely love our red Tripp Trapp and it’s always nice to have a larger variety to suit every taste.


I have a small issue with the design of the chair, I think the legs are splayed too far and I am always tripping over them, as is the rest of the family. I never had an issue with the Tripp Trapp and I feel I have to take extra care when walking past the Steps.

I think the Stokke steps is a great seating system, I love the easy to use functions and I think it would easily fit into any home. That said, I would still purchase a Tripp Trapp if I was given the choice. We like bright colours and prefer the wooden Highchair design. The Stokke Steps retails at £159 for the Highchair, the baby set retails at £79 with an additional cost of £33 for the cushions. So in all our Highchair comes in at £271 which is £30 more than the Tripp Trapp, which is designed to grow with your child into adulthood. The Stokke Steps is only suitable for a child of up to 18kg. So I think it’s quite a costly product but a very good seating system if you are looking for a highchair to last a childhood.

*We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, all views and opinons are our own.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    Really great review – I appreciate that you’ve compared it to Tripp Trapp too, really helpful. I do like that the Steps has a tray you can buy for it, but again that’s an extra cost. It sounds like both the Steps and Tripp Trapp have their plus points x

  2. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    A really honest review and some great points. I haven’t had any issues with tripping with ours though, but maybe that is the location on the table as I don’t really walk past the back of it

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