Stylish dog beds from Raised by Humans

Since moving into our new home we’ve been trying to put our modern touch on the decor. We’ve never really had a blank canvas to work with before so it’s been fun checking out Pinterest for ideas and accessories we can purchase.

When we got our puppy Beau back in April I was little disappointed with how the addition of his dog bed to our kitchen was a bit drabby. He ate through his first bed which was a rather fetching brown and recently part destroyed his even shabbier beige bed. This meant we had to fashion a bed from a pillow and some Primark blankets.

Cockapoo Raised by humans

designer dog bed raised by humans

It was then that we discovered Raised by Humans whilst searching for dog owners that didn’t want to compromise on style when it comes to owning a dog and everything that comes with them. A designer dog bed was the answer to our wishes for our new home. But why a designer dog bed I hear you ask? Well we spend our lives working hard to earn good money to make our house look exactly how we want it, so why not extend that to our pets’ accessories.

Stylish dog bed Raised by humans

Raised by humans dog bed

Raised by Humans funky dog bed

A designer dog bed has the benefits of being super comfy for your pup and also a bit of a conversation starter when visitors pop round. It’s super brightly coloured which is a great contrast to our pitch black pup. A High-durability non-slip base, a super soft polyester fibre pillow and a bold and beautiful design that will fit right in with our modern home is exactly would we look for when investing in a designer dog bed.

We will certainly be adding more designer pup products around our home, it would be nice for Beau to have a bed in the living room too for those days we all spend snuggled watching a film.

Have you picked a designer dog bed for your pampered pooch?

We were sent this rather fab Dog bed by Raised By Humans for the purpose of collaborating on this post. Though Beau’s opinions are all his own!

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