Summer Snaps 2016

This Summer was definitely the best Summer we’ve experienced with our little man. He is finally at the perfect age to experience more activities, which to be honest makes our lives more easier as he turned 4 this year which means he is old enough for many more adventures this year. With both C and I working full time, many of our weekends were spent cramming in as much adventure as we could. I had managed to arrange some days off during the week to spend with M and loved every minute of it. The rest of M’s Summer was shared between his fab grandparents.

So these areĀ our Summer snaps from one of my favourite Summers. I hope each Summer is going to be better than the last.

We started the Summer at Camp Bestival with a birthday. It was lovely to enjoy his birthday at Camp Bestial once again and he loved every minute.

Summer snaps birthday

We went to the beach a lot this Summer.

Summer snaps beach

Summer Snaps beach smiles


Summer Snaps sear

Summer snaps beach wives

We took our little man to Adventure Wonderland where we rode his first proper rollercoaster. We also got a few minutes to ourselves as he enjoyed being big enough to climb around the play area all on his own.

Summer snaps Kisses

We dragged C along on a family geocaching adventure.

Summer snaps family

Our final weekend of the Summer holidays took us to one of our favourite woodland areas, Moors Valley Park.

Summer snaps lake

Summer snaps in the woods

We’ve also swam until our skin was wrinkly, played swing ball until our faces were red, ate lots of ice cream, chased bubbles, spent time with friends and enjoyed moments with family. It has been THE best Summer and has given us some awesome memories.

What did you get up to this Summer?

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