Super Snow Days

We knew it was coming, the weather updates had been all over social media and the local supermarket had rolled out salt, snow shovels and sleds. Except the part of the country I live in always seems to be some exception to regular weather and snow usually misses us by a few miles. But to be on the safe side my employer had decided I’d work from home all week in case snow made it hard for us to get to the office.

So I was so happy when we woke to a steady stream of snow on Wednesday which grew heavier into Thursday, resulting in two super snow days. M can’t remember the last time we had snow. We have fond memories of how excited we were to get him out in the snow. We dressed him in a little snow suit, stood him in the snow and he screamed until we picked him back up. He hated every moment of it.

But this time was different. As the snow flakes fell heavily, M dressed in my hat and gloves (as Clara had accidentally taken his to work in the car), pulled on his wellies and stomped out into the garden, creating big footprints on the path. The school declared two snow days and even though I had to work both days, I finish at 3pm, which left us with plenty of time to enjoy the snow.

Big snow flakes snow day

Snowing in snow day

Luckily just a day before I’d purchased a sled by chance, just in case we had a big enough snow fall to test it out. I was so glad I did, as the smiles on M’s face were some of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen from him. We even got in on the action and enjoyed a couple of goes.

Sledding M Snow Day

Mama sledding snow day

Sledding Mama Snow Day

Sledding with Mummy Snow Day

Sledding snow day

Big sledding smiles Snow Day

By Friday it was too dangerous for Clara to make it to work. Ice rain through the night had turned the road into one giant snowy ice rink. Which meant we had a bonus family day once I’d finished work.

Mama and Mummy Snow day

Snow day Mama

Mummy Snow Day

Snow day red coat

We also discovered our little pup is a huge fan of the snow. It was really difficult to get him indoors once he’d been let free into the flakes in the back garden. I don’t know if we’ll see snow again for quite a while, but when we do I hope we have just as much fun as we did on our super snow days.

Snow Day Snow Dog

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