Surreal Moments

Last week K and I sat down with our baby boy to watch the Closing Ceremony to the London Olympics and half way through we all found ourselves dancing around the living room to The Spice Girls.

Split screen
I feel like it was only yesterday that I was playing Scary Spice in my primary school play ground and there I was, singing those memorable lyrics as a mother of the most amazing little person I have ever set eyes on. It was a very surreal moment in my adult life.

Have you had any moments like this? We’d love to hear about them x


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  1. More Than Words Reply

    Before I share my “moment” I believe congratulations are in order! I can’t believe I didn’t know that your little man arrived. I think I had your old web address so I have some serious catching up to do. 🙂

    I feel like I have surreal moments all the time but the first I remember feeling this way was on Easter. We all went to my mom’s house for some family time and egg hunting. There was so much about the day that reminded me of when I was a little girl. We had a fancy outfit and a fun outfit for Gracie’s first Easter similar to what I wore when I was small. I learned to sew so that I could make Gracie’s Easter basket similar to the baskets my mom always made for me AND she cried her eyes out when she met the Easter Bunny just like I did… lol! I’m sure you will agree that these surreal moments are what make the 3am feedings, poop filled diapers and spit up bearable!

    Be sure to take lots of pictures! Those first couple of months come and go in a flash. Congrats again!

    Here is the link to my “moment”:

    • Mytwomums Reply

      Hey, Thanks so much. He has indeed arrived 🙂

      awww can’t wait until we have a moment like that. So far all our moments are making up for the poop and spit up lol.

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