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We’ve been taking our little man swimming since he was 8 weeks old, which has meant he’s become somewhat of a water baby. With swimming lessons planned for when he turned 4, we have used various flotation devices to allow our little man to feel safe.

Last year we were contacted by SwimFin and sent one of their fantastic shark fin SwimFins (£21.99) to see how M got on with it and to be honest we were so impressed with how much more his confidence grew.

Swimming swimfin

SwimFin is multi-stroke functional. It leaves the arms completely free to move and so can be used to learn front-crawl, back-stroke, breast-stroke and butterfly. SwimFin works for all ages and abilites: from toddlers taking to the water for the first time, all the way through improved learners to advanced swimmers who want to develop stroke technique.

swimming with swimfin

The SwimFin is easy to place on your child, using velcro straps and allows them to feel supported and safe in the water. I love how the SwimFin allows M to use his arms to swim and also encourages him to float on his back, which he didn’t like doing when wearing armbands.

swimming jump in

Since being sent the SwimFin our little man was surprised with swimming lessons by his nanny. Yet he still enjoys the way SwimFin allows him to practice what he is learning in his lessons.

SwimFin also produce other fun items designed to encourage your little swimmers. The Funky floaties (£9.99) and Dinky Divers (£9.99) are fantastic little swim accessories that offer the perfect way to build your child’s confidence in the pool.


swimming on back

The Funky Floaties do exactly what they sound like, the float on top of the water which allows your little one to swim across the pool to collect them. They are bright and colourful, dry quickly and come in a fab little mesh bag for storage.

swimming googles

swimming and floaties

swimming and floating

The Dinky Divers are something our little man will start to use more and more as his swimming skills are improved. They divers all sink to the bottom of the pool and remain upright, making them easier to grab during some underwater swimming. Both C and I had lots of fun collecting them from the bottom of the pool and can’t wait to see M dive down and grab one.

swimming dinky

swimming floaties fun

SwimFin is going to feature heavily in our Summer as we hope to visit our favourite private pool again and also intend to take the SwimFin to our local beach to splash in the sea.

We received these items for the purpose of review. For more info please read out disclosure policy.

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