Taking our son to Brighton Pride 2016

Clara and I have many fond memories of attending Brighton Pride over the years before we met and at the start of our relationship. One of our most memorable moments at Brighton Pride took place 8 years ago, when we got engaged on the beach next to the pier. We sat on the pebbles watching the sunset as Clara asked me to marry her and as they say, the rest is history.

This year we decided that our little man was old enough to understand and ask questions about some of the things you get to see at Pride so we got up early popped him in the car in his PJS and drove just over 2 hours to Brighton. When we arrived the sun was shining so brightly that we knew it was going to be the best Pride yet.

Brighton Pride beach

Not only was this our first pride as a family of three, it was also our little man’s first ever trip to Brighton and boy was he impressed. We get to go to the beach every week due to living in Dorset, but there was just something wonderful about seeing M rush to collect pebbles, race to check out the pier and enjoy a carousel ride as people in their best Pride outfits wandered by.

Brighton Pride flag

We couldn’t do Brighton Pride without a flag, so £8 lighter we suddenly had some colourful flowers, a Pride flag and a “must have” whistle. As we stood just up from the pier we realised that things had changed since our last visit, meaning we were about to miss the parade. A quick Google and we were soon heading to the parade route.

Soon we were stood in place awaiting the noise and colour explosion of the Pride parade. It was tricky at times to keep M entertained as we waiting about 30 minutes at the side of the road. But a quick trip to the Sainsbury store behind us and Clara returned with snacks to keep us all going whilst we waited.

Brighton Pride family

Brighton Pride Parade

Brighton Pride Smiles

Brighton Pride Whistle

The crowd kept us entertained when a large group of people decided to climb on top of two bus tops and attempt a Mexican wave. It was quite amusing watching them direct complete strangers to join in, it’s one of the lovely things about Pride, people coming together in happy moments.

Brighton Pride waiting

Brighton Pride whistle smiles

Brighton Pride for whistles

Brighton Pride crowd

As soon as the parade began to pass, Clara and I took turns putting M on our shoulders so that he could see. The crowd surged forward and it was quite snug against the barrier we were stood by so after a while C took M to sit on a small green near the road. The parade was full of emotion for me, it began with placards in memory of those whom lost their lives in Orlando and then the rainbow families passed by. That moment was quite a special one as I got to point at a lady with her son and tell M that he was watching families like ours. I had no idea at the time that the lady I pointed at was actually someone we followed on Twitter.


Brighton pride family cuddles

Brighton Pride pier whistle

Brighton pride couple

Once the parade has passed we visited the pier for some lunch, fun on the rides and a go in the arcades. It was then time to head to the beach to take in the memories of the moment we got engaged, now sat with the product of our love between us. The beach was full of young Pride goers enjoying some down time with their friends, it was really lovely to see.

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pride beach ride

Tiredness starting to creep in, so we thought it best to get our little man in to the car before he fell asleep on the beach. With a little diversion via The Lanes, we headed to our car. We’ve hopefully given our little man some pretty awesome memories of his first Brighton Pride and we hope to be back soon.

Brighton Pride bubbles

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