Taking Photos at Christmas

Hayley is a photographer and one of the team behind I Heart Snapping She lives in Bedfordshire with her hen-pecked 
husband, two adorable urchins and a grumpy old Bichon Frise. She loves 
to photograph real people living real lives and she adores Christmas. 
Her favourite Christmas film is the often overlooked Santa Claus: The Movie.

My Grandad loved Christmas so much. I can still remember the living room
of their flat, all decked out with multicoloured decorations. It was
always completely OTT, even in 1986 it was tacky and every room smelt of
tinsel! That’s how I like Christmas to be now, I’m all about tacky and
kitsch and like photos to be fun, along with capturing all the build up
and excitement. I’m here to give you some ideas for Taking Photos at Christmas and some tips which I hope come in handy for
Christmas day.

Co-ordinating Christmas outfits are a MUST. I know they’ll hate me for
it in years to come but suck it up kids, it’s cute, okay? (The following
child abuse, in which my husband was a willing participant, was our
since abandoned Christmas card attempt. I used value instant mash for
the snow – it’s biodegradable, looks good on camera and is 20p a packet)






How about a bit of bad photoshop to send to the nearest and dearest? The
kids were cut and pasted from other photos.


I also made a dodgy GIF that we emailed to our friends. I know, we’re


Remember to capture the build up









My Top Tips for Xmas day

1. Charge your camera and make sure your card is clear and in the camera
(yep, done that before!) Put your camera where you can easily grab it.
When I’m at home, my camera is always on and ready to go for when my
kids decide they’re going to do something I might want to capture

2. Set your camera so you can start shooting immediately. I always have
my ISO set a little higher (you can guarantee they’ll be up early!) and
I shoot in Aperture/AV mode so I’m not fumbling about with settings.

3. Stand facing the door so you can capture the looks on their faces
when they see that he’s been!

4. Don’t forget the before and after shots!

5. Remember the night before details. It’s all part of the fun.

6. Take photos on your phone so you can text a quick “Thanks so much, we
love it!”

7. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and get in the photos too!


Kinda promised my husband I’d never show anyone this. Ooops.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2014. Thank you for having
me, Kirsty & Clara.


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  1. Harriet J Reply

    Thanks for the tips Hayley! I’m so excited for Christmas this year as Ava will be older. Can’t wait to capture some magical moments!x

  2. Lauren Reply

    Brilliant post Hayley. I love the family photo at the bottom you beautiful human.

    Definitely going to make a note of these tips.xx

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